About PetMassageTM


About PetMassage

Dynamic Interview with PetMassage founder, Jonathan Rudinger

August 2014 Healthy Pets Newsletter:

Remove Disease from Your Pet’s Body Using Only Your Hands.

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The decision to teach animal massage began with an epiphany.

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In the summer of 1997, Jonathan Rudinger was invited to give a demonstration of equine massage for the television station, WTOL, Toledo, OH. As the shoot was ending, his interviewer brought an old yellow farm dog, saying, “Dogs get stiff necks, too. Let’s see what Jonathan can do.” 

That was how it started. As his vision expanded Jonathan developed workshops and home study courses in canine massage.


By 2002, PetMassageTM workshops and home study courses were recognized and accredited by the national massage therapy credentialing association, the NCBTMB. Human massage therapists study and earn continuing education units in PetMassageTM to maintain their state licenses and certifications and to add to their credentials. In 2010, PetMassageTM became a Preferred Educational Provider for the IAAMB/ACWT as well as the NBCAAM. In 2012, PetMassageTM was awarded accreditation by RAIVE to provide continuing education for RVTs.




The PetMassageTM form evolved and matured. It is now recognized, and taught in massage training academies, as a uniquely distinct canine massage technique. This is how PetMassageTM was described as a distinct form in the textbook, TouchAbilitiesTM Massage Therapy, Burman and Friedland:


Most behaviors and physical dysfunctions in animals have a deep rooted emotional cause. When PetMassageTM accesses the physical bodies of animals it accesses them on deeper emotional/intuitive levels as well.

PetMassageTM uses all the outward techniques in Swedish and Cranial sacral forms to assist the animals to move through their instinctive barriers, to become more inwardly focused. The Kinetics assessment uses visual observation, pendulums, palpation and muscle testing. Animals must be constantly monitored, for each touch is a request for permission to continue. Swedish techniques are used to warm the tissues. For specific treatments for chronic pathologies such as hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis; acute injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, gait patterning and behavior modification, PetMassageTM uses variations on assistive and resistive range of motion, positional release and traditional acupressure on acupoints and along meridians. It also incorporates cross fiber scratching and healing touch for chakra/energy balancing, fascia and osteo-realignment.

Touching an animal with your hands or with your intention brings his/her awareness to each part of the body.  The sensation of touch engages his mind. Light touch brings awareness to the coat and upper layers of connective tissue and surrounding superficial muscles. Stronger pressure heightens awareness of deeper muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. Joint mobilization promotes body-movement awareness and gives the animal permission for exploration of movement to rediscover his “place of comfort.”

The sensation of intention engages the animal in a profoundly comfortable level.  The PetMassageTM touch is reinforced on deeper levels with the magnified effects of the relationship of intention.  Continuing permission establishes a channel between the animal and human which allows them to share energies, feelings and insights. Practitioners recognize, support and reinforce pets’ innate abilities to self-heal. PetMassageTM is effective in helping in all phases of animals’ lives: physically for rehabilitation and wellness maintenance; emotionally, with grieving and depression; and spiritually, with seizure disorders, separation anxiety, aggression and shyness.

To effectively support animals’ innate tendency toward homeostasis and potential for self-correction, PetMassageTM practitioners learn to respect the unique way that each species responds within its universe. The key in working with different species is to work with them on levels they understand, interacting with appropriate touch, body language, body mechanics and psychic communication.

All animals are hard-wired to be outwardly focused and to react in different ways for survival, so each has its separate massage requirements. PetMassageTM gently enhances the animal’s inner body awareness by systematically drawing his focus all over, around and through his body within its psychological and behavioral comfort zones. The physical work realigns and repositions fascia, muscles, tendons, bones and internal organs, along with their associated thoughts/habit patterns. Mind-body-spirit is enhanced as inner and outer awareness’ combine to support maximum life force potential, enhanced by the external practitioner intentions.

The PetMassageTM Institute also features PetMassageTM WaterWork. The buoyancy factor and fluid patterns of water assist dogs to have a different awareness of their muscular and emotional responses.

By 2012, Jonathan had taught over 300 week-long PetMassageTM workshops.

Today’s PetMassageTM Training and Research Institute. has many facets, including training students the professional aspects of canine massage, teaching dog owners to include PetMassageTM as part of the daily care of their pets, teaching children PetMassageTM canine handling and safety skills, and publishing books, DVD’s and CD’s under the name of PetMassageTM Media.

PetMassageTM as a world renowned school teaches students a safe, gentle and energetically perceptive form of canine massage. Our students come from every state in the United States and most of the provinces of Canada as well as from Europe, the UK, Middle East, South Africa, Australia, India, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan and South America. Students return home to create their own canine massage businesses.


PetMassageTM Training and Research Institute has many facets.

  • It is a world renowned school that teaches professional level dry canine massage.
  • It is a world renowned school that teaches PetMassage WaterWorkTM: canine bodywork in water.
  • It is a source for media education about the benefits, need, and demand for canine massage.
  • It provides study materials for dog owners to learn PetMassageTM as part of daily pet care.
  • It publishes original PetMassageTM books, DVDs, audio CDs and charts.
  • It provides Home Study opportunities.
  • It provides individual professional instruction to PetMassageTM students.
  • It provides ongoing support to PetMassageTM workshop graduates.
  • It developed the popular PetMassageTM for Kids: scout, camp, and afterschool programs.
  • It provides accredited courses for continuing education credits for LMTs and RVTs.
  • It publishes research papers to promote PetMassageTM students and to assist all canine massage practitioners in their work.
  • It provides the training, licensing, and mentoring for students to achieve the level of instructor and operate independent satellite PetMassageTM schools.




PetMassageTM Ltd is dedicated to excellence in the development, growth, and training of canine massage.

PetMassageTM trains and assists students as they develop successful practices all over the world. PetMassageTM students benefit from continuing personal support via e-mail and our 800 number. So, whether it is a question about marketing brochures, methodologies that you are concerned about implementing with specific dog breeds, temperaments, or physical conditions, or legal and ethical issues, once you complete a hands-on workshop, we remain available for FREE consultations. We note with pride that some of our earliest students have continued to call on us for consultations and advise; some for over 15 years!

PetMassageTM is a hands-on skill. As such, it is best learned one-on-one with an instructor. PetMassageTM with dogs requires an array of skills and a specific body of knowledge. PetMassageTM instruction moves the student beyond the basic skills of canine massage and incorporates aspects of canine psycho-social behavior, dog handling, Eastern and Western veterinary medical practices, alternative and integrative animal care practices, including healing touch, Reiki, sound, light, polarity, animal communication, and the philosophies of Ayurveda, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Gung.


This is what Jonathan has to say about PetMassage…

  • “I became aware that I had something of tremendous value to share,” Jonathan recalls.
  • “I experienced an immediate and profound insight that shifted the way I understood my world —an epiphany.”
  • “I had the knowledge, the experience and the creative drive to produce courses that would enable pet owners, pet-care professionals and other massage therapists all over the world to use massage to comfort and nurture dogs.”
  • “This canine massage form would be different from the techniques taught by other instructors. It would be focused on tracking the subtle shifts of energy within the dog and supporting the movement of the shifts to magnify the natural healing abilities.”
  • “Canine massage could be the vehicle that children could use to learn to appreciate and honor all dogs.”
  • “Adults who had been the victims of dog-related trauma, could use PetMassage as a way to work through their long-suffering issues involving fear and powerlessness.”