Learn the skills to PetMassage TM  your own dogs at home or create a PetMassage TM for Dogs business. There are levels of training.

PetMassage for Dogs Workshops

PetMassageTM for Dogs Foundation Workshop             4 1/2 days includes 4 HS Modules  100*
PetMassageTM for Dogs Foundation Refresher             4 1/2 days  60*
PetMassageTM Foundation Workshop for Veterinarians and Vet Students                                       4 1/2 days  N/A
PetMassageTM for Dogs Advanced Workshop               5 days includes 2 HS Module  100
PetMassageTM for Dogs Advanced Refresher               5 days  60
PetMassage WaterWork TM Workshop 5 days  100
PetMassage WaterWork TM Refresher             5 days  60
Confident Dog Handling in Canine Massage                 4 hours on-site  4
Confident Dog Handling Refresher                             4 hours on-site  4
PetMassageTM Licensed Instructor Training 4 days plus student teaching  200  * 28 RAIVE CEs for  RVTs 

PetMassage workshops, move at their own pace; building, and developing with direction, repetition and encouragement. With each step, your instructor lectures, demonstrates, and offers his insights based on his experience, for practical applications. Correct cooperation and communication with dogs.


PetMassage™ workshops are all taught by Jonathan Rudinger, founder of the PetMassage Institute.

Perks you’ll receive during your PetMassageTM workshop

  • 20% discount on all PetMassageTM products that you purchase During the workshop. We thank you for all purchases. Your purchases help to support the goals and work of the PetMassageTM Institute.
  • Access to kitchen with micro, toaster oven and refrigerator. Tonight’s leftovers are tomorrow’s lunches!

Computer/office services

  • Wi-Fi in the PetMassageTM building
  • On-site computer/printer to print out airline e-tickets and MapQuest directions

Support: Friendly staff provides assistance with:

  • Travel
  • Accommodations
  • Dining
  • Local after class entertainment

Certificates of course completion are awarded for each PetMassage workshop. To earn each level’s certificate, students must complete the hands-on, on-site workshop, a take-home test based on the hands-on portion, documentation of canine massages, a video of one canine massage session for critique, and distance learning modules.   All tests and documentation are due within 6 months of your on-site workshop module.


PetMassage for Dogs Foundation Workshop

What to expect:

This 4½ -day extended weekend is an excellent beginning to your hands-on learning experience. Learn to help your own dogs and train to create your successful start-up PetMassageTM business.

The first day of the workshop, actually a half day, 1 – 5 PM, you will learn dog handling skills for the canine massage practitioner. You’ll learn gentle, safe and effective ways to work with reactive, stubborn, large, small, healthy, and infirm dogs during each stage of a PetMassageTM session.

Schedule Second Day begins the hands-on canine PetMassageTM training.

Before you attend the hands-on workshop, please review thoroughly the 2 DVDs PetMassageTM for Dogs 1 and 2 and the book, Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassageTM for Dogs.

The better prepared you are, the more you will benefit from the instruction.

AM (Workshop begins promptly at 9AM)

  • Student and staff introductions
  • Outline weekend’s agenda
  • Orientation lecture and students hands-on massage with dogs
  • Getting-to-know-you luncheon: we all go out to lunch at  a local eatery. Students pay for their own meals.


  • Tour of the PetMassageTM facility
  • Introduction to massage theory, skills and practice
  • Lecture and students hands-on massage with dogs


 Schedule Third-Fifth Day

AM (Workshops are 9AM-5PM) Days are filled with hands-on instruction and lecture with PetMassage Founder, Jonathan Rudinger.

In our workshops instructors discuss, demonstrate, and then you return-demonstrate your understanding and delivery of PetMassageTM, energy and body mechanics, theory and techniques, physiology and the affects of PetMassageTM on canine body systems and behaviors. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice your new skills with different breeds and sizes of dogs.

This course has been described as “a personal development and enrichment class through the medium of canine bodywork.”  Movement and breathing exercises expand your sensory and spiritual awareness and develop healthy body mechanics. Our goal is to teach you to move comfortably and safely so that you want to continue your practice of canine PetMassage for many years. The instruction is supportive, encouraging and geared to help you to discover and develop your own personal canine massage form. Also included is a field trip to the ASPCA to hone your PetMassageTM skills connecting with the dogs there as temporary residents.

A Certificate of Course Completion is awarded for The PetMassageTM for Dogs Foundation Workshop   at the Provider level.

Workshops have small classes – usually four to twelve students. They are about 30% lecture, 60% hands-on,10% playing with dogs, and 100% growth and enjoyment. Lectures and demonstrations use live dogs, models, charts, videos, other text references and the class syllabus.

Students are encouraged to bring dogs. In fact, when you bring 2 dogs, we will take $25 off your workshop course fee.  If you are unable to bring your own dog, other lucky canine volunteers are provided.

All workshops are held at the PetMassageTM Ltd. School in Toledo, Ohio. Workshops are scheduled, February – November. Foundation and Instructor Training workshops are over extended weekends, Fridays through Mondays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Advanced and WaterWork workshops are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Independent workshops with experts who have been invited to teach their specialties are Saturday-Sunday.

Students must be present for the entire workshop, including the last hour of the final day. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Students who choose to leave early will not be eligible for certificates of course completion.


The workshop course fee includes all required texts for the PetMassage Foundation Level Certificate Program which include Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassageTM for Dogs, and 60-minute DVDs, PetMassageTM for Dogs 1, and PetMassageTM for Dogs 2, and Dog Handling in Canine Massage, plus 2 distance learning modules “Basic Anatomy of the Dog” with the Canine Anatomy Coloring Atlas, and tools and strategies for marketing with Creating and Marketing Your Canine Massage Business. (Credit will be given for texts that you have already purchased.)



To prepare for this workshop, you will study the book, Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassageTM for Dogs, and 3 60-minute DVDs, PetMassageTM for Dogs 1, and PetMassageTM for Dogs 2 and Dog Handling in Canine Massage. The Foundation program includes 2 Distance learning modules. The modules are based on the texts Dog Anatomy Coloring Atlas and Creating & Marketing Your Animal Massage Business.  In Basic Anatomy of the Dog, you will not be expected to know the entire anatomy book (whew!); you will be directed to focus on specific pages that will prepare you for your workshop and that we feel are most necessary for your beginning practice of canine PetMassage. One part of the anatomy module will be assigned to you during the workshop. It will be a topic for a short independent study.  Your paper will help you develop more depth and value in your PetMassageTM practice. The second Distance Learning module gives you tools and strategies for Creating & Marketing Your Animal Massage Business. Along with your life experience, this is your preparation for the volume of information you will receive through four full days of total immersion in lectures, discussions, and individual hands-on instruction working with dogs.


The Foundation Workshop Goals

  • Develop an understanding of the theory, techniques, vocabulary, culture and vision of PetMassageTM
  • Learn to confidently handle a large variety of canine massage clients
  • Develop a functional understanding of basic dog anatomy & physiology as it applies to canine massage
  • Become aware of body mechanics for you and your K-9 clients
  • Understand scope of practice, business ethics
  • The marketing module, the anatomy test, and the required post workshop practice sessions must all be completed by 6 months after the hands-on workshop.

What to wear and bring to the Foundation Workshop

  • Comfortable yet stylish (professional) attire
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Bring a smile
  • Your enthusiasm
  • Your camera

Please do not wear loose jewelry or any fragrances.


  • Students’ dogs are shared with the other students for hands-on practice.
  • If you cannot bring your own dog(s), dogs will be provided for you each day.
  • Get $25 off your tuition when you bring 2 or more dogs to the workshop.
  • Crates and x-pens are available for the dogs, or bring your own. There are areas in the classroom for your crates.
  • Dog apparel: all dogs are provided special ID tags in case they decide to experience the sights and smells of Toledo on their own.
  • Please note: in Toledo, dogs must be on leashes whenever outdoors.

There are small neighborhood parks are an easy walk from the PetMassageTM Institute.

The PetMassageTM for Dogs Foundation level Workshops earns 100 CE hours for MT’s (massage therapists), accredited by the NCBTMB and 100 Contact hours for all students. 28 RAIVE CEs for RVTs (Vet Techs).

NOTE: 100 CE hours qualifies you to join the IAAMB/ACWT and purchase practice liability insurance.

PetMassage Foundation Workshop deposit $850

PetMassage Foundation Workshop Full Enrollment $1700 $1615 (5% off if payed in full)


PetMassageTM Foundation Workshop for Veterinarians and Vet Students

The future of veterinary care includes canine massage. Soon, it will be offered in each and every vet clinic. Now is the time for you to move ahead of the mainstream. Learn canine massage to enhance our practice.

The vets and vet students we meet at vet conferences are very enthusiastic about embracing PetMassage. After delivering the presentation, ” Introduction to the Perspectives and Skills of Canine Massage” at the 2013 AHVMA conference, the response was so encouraging, we developed this Foundation workshop program for vets and vet students.


As a Licensed Veterinarian or currently enrolled vet student, your Foundation workshop is the 4½ days of hands-on training and the post-workshop testing and documentation. It will not include the four home-study modules.

It has only been within the last decade that the University of Tennessee began its Animal Rehabilitation Program. The modality of massage is included in every rehabilitation protocol. Now, rehabilitation is taught in every vet school in the country. What is taught, however, is usually a cursory interpretation of massage.

PetMassage is a world renown school that has, since 1997, focused entirely on researching, developing, defining and refining this specific skill set for canine massage.

PetMassage is an approach that affects the whole body. While excellent benefits are attained with focused friction and petrissage, the overall effect of PetMassage on a dog, as with a great human massage, is vastly more comprehensive. Beyond increasing the circulation and flexibility in a specific joint or muscle, PetMassage facilitates a gentle “course correction” in the dog’s life.

There are many ways you can benefit when you incorporate PetMassage into your practice.


Learning and integrating PetMassage will:

  • Enhance your appreciation of the function and complexity of fascia in the canine body
  • Help you achieve your clinical goals
  • Move your client care beyond “triage” to initiating the long-term radiantly-joyous quality of life you’ve dreamed of providing dogs
  • Make your clinic the place pet parents seek out for “alternative” care for their dogs
  • Make you the canine massage resource for referrals from your colleagues
  • Generate greater revenue opportunities
  • Make your office a “high value destination” like a spa. Your clinic can be the place where dogs and their people want to come. It will be the destination for dogs to maintain health, holistic wellness and yes, happiness. Your clinic is the place where dogs can get PetMassage!

This workshop  will include students who are not vets. Your fellow classmates bring with them a wealth of professional and life experiences. The mix of perspectives and individual contributions often lead to Q and A and insightful discussions that embellish the course content.

To prepare for the live, onsite, hands-on workshop, you will study the book, Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassageTM for Dogs, and the three 60-minute DVDs, PetMassageTM for Dogs 1PetMassageTM for Dogs 2 and Dog Handling in Canine Massage.

Two Certificates of Course Completion are awarded for the Foundation workshop: The PetMassageTM for Dogs Foundation Workshop, and Confident Dog Handling. The graduate is a Certified PetMassageTM Practitioner, or CPMP.

The PetMassageTM Foundation Workshop for Veterinarians and Vet Students workshop fee is $980.00 which includes all required texts. Workshops are given in Toledo Ohio. Foundation workshops are offered several times a year. Your 50% deposit reserves your place in the Foundation workshop of your choice. You can pay the balance on the first day of the class. Or, save 5% by paying for the entire fee at the time of your registration.


(Photo caption) Jonathan Rudinger talking with a vet student between lecture sessions at the 2013 AHVMA Conference in Kansas City. Jonathan was one of the featured speakers at the conference. His presentation, delivered on Monday, August 26, 2013, in the BLOG/Articles by Jonathan “Introduction to the Perspectives and Skills of Canine Massage.

PetMassageTM Foundation Workshop for Veterinarians and Vet Students workshop deposit $490

PetMassageTM Foundation Workshop for Veterinarians and Vet Students workshop $ 980  $ 931

Confident Dog Handling for the Canine Massage Practitioner

With Instructor: Monica West, PetMassage Practitioner, and Canine Behaviorist

This course will help you communicate more confidently with your canine clients. Dogs are more compliant, receptive and easy to massage when you talk to them in a language they understand. The concepts and dog handing skills in this course will enable you to be more confident working with many breeds of dogs. These are skills that will enhance your confidence with dogs and their pet parents.

You will learn safe and appropriate ways to interact with willful, reactive, or threatening dogs during each phase of a PetMassage session.

confident-dog-handling-for-the-canine-massage-practitioner 1

While many of the dogs that are brought to you for PetMassage will be easy to work with, other dogs are seeking the benefits of PetMassage because they have a problem to “fix.” In human terms, dogs may be experiencing pain, physical and emotional. They may be recovering from physical or emotional trauma as dramatic as being hit by a car or as everyday as falling off a sofa. They may be confused and disoriented. Their blood chemistry may be out of balance. They may be experiencing the signs and symptoms of old age. They may be in post surgery rehabilitation.

You will be working with dogs in your practice that may be strong, large, and willful. This workshop takes you through possible scenarios during each of the key elements of a PetMassage session. Speak the universal language of nature…the language of yoga. Yoga is nature. Dogs eat, breathe, sleep, and speak nature. Nature is where they live. Dogs get it. They begin to respect you. They cooperate with you. For an effective practice, you must be creatively capable of working with a large variety dogs and dog situations. For your physical and spiritual safety, and for the physical and emotional safety of the dogs you will be handling, you must understand and “speak” the language, “canine.”

The course fee for this 4 hour on-site workshop Confident Dog Handling for the Canine Massage Practitioner includes the DVD. This hands-on workshop can be taken by itself; and is the first half-day of each PetMassage Foundation, PetMassage Advanced and PetMassage WaterWork Workshop and is included in workshop fees. It is also available as a Home Study course.

Confident Dog Handling for Practitioners $165

PetMassage for Dogs Advanced Workshop

The Advanced PetMassageTM workshop was created to reinforce and expand on PetMassageTM Foundation theory and practical applications. The graduates of this course will have additional training in canine anatomy, TCM, energy practices, kinesiology, body mechanics, and canine pathology, ethics, and marketing. This course is primarily designed to prepare students for a stronger, more effective practice in the field. It is also useful for students to qualify and prepare for the NBCAAM National Certification testing. The PetMassageTM Advanced workshop is a prerequisite for the Licensed PetMassageTM Instructor Training.

advanced-workshop 1

Advanced Workshop is 5-days Just as it takes “time in the saddle” to learn to ride a horse, it takes time, practice and additional training to develop your PetMassageTM skills and business. In this workshop, students with PetMassageTM experience have an opportunity to support each other to refine and visualize business goals. In our field we need to be willing to support each other and be willing to accept support from colleagues. This is mentorship training.

The first half day of the workshop you will learn dog handling skills for the canine massage practitioner. You’ll learn a gentle, safe and effective way to work with reactive dogs during each stage of a PetMassageTM session. This is the same class that is now included in the Foundation Workshop. The skills in it are so important that you will get a lot more out of it, taking it a second time.

The Distance Learning module for this course is “Medical Terminology and Pathology.” This is essential instruction and learning for an effective practice. This is content that had been in the hands-on portion of the workshop.  We feel that your time will be better spent learning hands-on skills, and learning the textbook portion on your own at home.

Goals of the Advanced Workshop

  • Reinforces and expands on Foundation Level theory and application
  • Provides additional training: body mechanics, energy practices, TCM, canine anatomy, kinesiology, and canine pathology
  • Assists students refine business goals
  • Helps students qualify and prepare for NBCAAM Test for National Certification.
  • Track toward becoming a Licensed PetMassage™ Instructor at your own regional satellite school

The Distance Learning module, the take-home test, the required post workshop practice sessions and a DVD of one of your sessions, must all be completed and submitted within 6 months of the hands-on workshop.

Advanced workshops are Monday through Friday, at the PetMassageTM Institute. The course fee includes Syllabus, PetMassageTM: Energy Work with Dogs (book), and Canine Acupoint and Landmark Anatomy Manual. The Advanced PetMassageTM workshop earns 100 CEs for MTs, 100 CEs toward the prerequisite 200 hours to sit for NBCAAM National Certification exam.

PetMassage Advanced 5 Day Workshop Deposit $900

PetMassage Advanced 5 Day Workshop Full Enrollment $1800 $1710 (5% off if payed in full)

PetMassage for Dogs WaterWorkTM

In the new field of canine rehabilitation

(U. of Tenn., Canine Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy, Millis, Levine, and Taylor), two procedures are prominent in practically every program: massage and swimming. PetMassage WaterWorkTM can be included with, and can enhance, many veterinary post-surgical and non-surgical rehabilitation regimens.

My beautiful pictureImagine yourself shoulder deep in a large heated pool, holding a dog, suspended in water. You guide the dog’s body in your arms in large, sweeping movements across the surface of the water. Watch the ripples on the surface. Feel how the water drags and drifts the coat and body. Imagine the dynamics, flexibility, and therapeutic value that this dog is getting while being moved about in the warm, non-weight bearing, water.

In your hands, the dog relaxes. As you move, integumentary (skin and coat) and musculoskeletal structures float into and away from each other. Restrictions from holding patterns release. Alternative neuromuscular systems engage. Your dog experiences his body WaterWorking: joyful, relaxing, rejuvenating, rebalancing, reconditioning, resoundingly and amazingly therapeutic and beneficial. This is PetMassageTM WaterWorkTM!

With the PetMassageTM training and skills you’ve learned your presence projects a sense of safety and security for the dog, resolving whatever fears and apprehensions he may have exhibited when first entering the water.

Goals of WaterWorkTM Workshop

  • Develop understanding of the theory, vocabulary & skills of applied PetMassageTM techniques in water.
  • Learn how to move in water, experiencing the sensation of moving your spirit body through the water
  • Learn techniques to safely and effectively work with dogs in water
  • Learn to appreciate and channel waters dynamics and therapeutic value.
  • Using WaterWorkTM to increase muscle mass, strength, endurance, weight loss, proprioception
  • Learn to identify environmental influences that can affect – and enhance – movement in your “dry” practice
  • Learn how to control the drift and drag of the water to affect heightened mobility of dogs appendages
  • Learn to use WaterWorkTM to enhance canine flexibility, muscle tone, and physical endurance
  • Learn to use WaterWorkTM to access alternative neural pathways to promote muscle use in movement restricted dogs
  • Observe alterations of quality of gait before and after WaterWorkTM sessions
  • What to expect, what to wear, and bring, and not to bring to the WaterWork Workshop

My beautiful picture

Day 1

Wear comfortable pants and tops/shirts, closed toed shoes.

First Day Schedule

AM (Workshop begins promptly at 9AM)

  • Student and staff introductions
  • Outline course agenda and discuss expectations for the workshop
  • Dry class lecture and hands-on activities
  • Getting-to-know-you luncheon: we all go out to lunch together at local eatery. Students pay for their own meals


  • Tour PetMassageTM facility
  • Introduction to unique PetMassageTM WaterWork theory, skills & body mechanics

We start using the pool on day 2. Days 2-5:


  • 2 swimming suits
  • 2 Denim jackets
  • 2 Denim knee-length
  • Shorts or capri’s
  • 1 Terry robe, sandals and water shoes, if you prefer to have better traction in the pool, a camera and your smile
  • PetMassageTM provides towels for students and dogs.
  • Please do not wear loose or hanging jewelry, watches, contacts, glasses, perfumes, colognes or fragranced oils.

PetMassageTM WaterWork workshops are held Mondays through Fridays. These classes are held in our classroom facility and heated indoor swimming pool for dogs; 5-days, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 4 pm.  100 NCBTMB CEs for Massage Therapists, 100 CEs toward NBCAAM and IAAMB requirements, 30 RAIVE CEs for Veterinarians and Vet Techs.

PetMassage WaterWork Workshop Deposit $850

PetMassage WaterWork Workshop Full Enrollment $1700 $1615 (5% off if payed in full)

PetMassage for Dogs Instructor Training and Licensing

Training for PetMassageTM Satellite School Instructor Licensing

Are you a natural teacher? Would you like to generate more income? Would you like to operate a regional PetMassageTM school? Would teaching PetMassageTM as a career make you happy?

Until now PetMassageTM has been taught solely from the facility in Toledo Ohio.

“I just wish you were closer. Then I could take your workshop!” is the refrain we’ve heard so often. Canine massage is fast moving into the mainstream consciousness. When workshops are offered closer to students, more students will learn PetMassageTM. “Build it and they will come.”

Over the past fifteen years PetMassageTM has built a reputation for integrity, consistency, and excellence of its training programs.  PetMassageTM is a recognizable trademarked brand.PetMassageTM is on the cusp of tremendous growth. PetMassageTM has been preparing for this moment. The workshops that satellite school licensed instructors teach, are the result of over 25 years of development.More and new providers are needed to be trained to offer PetMassageTM.  We are now training for the next generation of instructors to meet the demand for PetMassageTM Providers.

The PetMassageTM Foundation and Advanced level training prepare you to create your own canine massage practice. Join us. Let us guide you to take your career to the next level: a licensed instructor at a PetMassageTM Satellite School.

What are you carrying


The vision: 

PetMassageTM uses its experience and standing as a pioneer and leader in the canine massage and bodywork field to provide thorough training, guidance and licensing for instructors to operate regional PetMassageTM schools.

As a Licensed PetMassageTM Instructor you will have a protected territory. PetMassageTM affiliate Licensees will all work together as a community. Our efforts and schedules will all be coordinated to optimize and support your own and each other’s success.

Instructor duties: Teaching, Mentoring, Management, Marketing, and Research.

 With the PetMassageTM Licensed Instructor credential and training, you will have increased opportunities to follow your dream and, through the work of your students, to touch the lives of many more dogs and their people in your region. You will attract students from all over your territory to attend your workshops.  Your income flow will steadily increase, with workshop fees and sales of PetMassageTM training materials.

Train and mentor the next generation of PetMassageTM Providers. Teach PetMassageTM Foundation workshops. Teach families PetMassageTM techniques. Teach children. You will also teach additional non-PetMassageTM courses in allied non-massage disciplines, based on your uniquely personal expertise. The best way to learn is to teach. Your private canine massage clients will also reap the benefits of your career choice.

 As a PetMassageTM Licensed Instructor, you facilitate research studies to expand the documentation of the effects and efficacy of PetMassageTM using the PetMassageTM template. You will develop your own professional narrative publishing your books and papers through PetMassageTM Media.

JANVIER 2010 003

Candidates for Licensed PetMassageTM Instructor must complete the two required PetMassageTM workshops, Foundation, and Advanced PetMassageTM for Dogs, and demonstrate that they can, and will, teach the PetMassageTM programs being faithful to PetMassageTM academic standards and vision.

Would you like an application to be a candidate for the PetMassageTM Licensing Program, and commence training to operate your own licensed regional PetMassageTM Satellite School? Instructor Training Workshops for PetMassage Licensing are 4 days, Friday-Monday, and are offered twice each year. To learn about licensing terms, conditions and fees, contact Jonathan Rudinger at

PetMassageTM Satellite School/Instructor Licensing


Specialized training workshops with guest experts

Independent workshops with experts who have been invited to teach their specialties in fields related to canine massage offer specialized weekend workshops. Please take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the best in the field. Call or email to register or to get more information about the workshops you would like to attend.