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Help more dogs and their people as a Certified Aquatic PetMassage Practitioner. Follow your bliss as an occupation with Hands-on, On-site programs:

Home Study/Continuing Education

The Fundamentals of the Practice of Canine Massage on-site, hands-on workshop has been discontinued.

You can still learn canine massage with original PetMassage books, DVDs, charts and YouTube video lessons. These will guide you as you learn the fundamentals of canine massage. The books, DVDs and charts were the reference material for the workshop curricula.

PetMassage home study courses earn Continuing Education Units for Massage Therapists and Animal Massage Practitioners.

PetMassage home study courses earn Continuing Education Units for Massage Therapists and Animal Massage Practitioners.

Continuing education is essential for your work to be more comprehensive and effective. Enhance and expand your PetMassage practice with original PetMassage books, charts, and these PetMassage home study courses.

“Learn Hands-On Skills In Our On-Site Programs”

 PetMassage Aquatics for Dogs Workshop 

Canine Aquatic PetMassage is powerfully effective in canine rehabilitation, athletic dog conditioning, weight loss programs, and hospice care. Learn to apply a completely different set of PetMassage skills, concepts, body mechanics, and therapeutic options when you work with dogs in heated pools. There are no prerequisites for this workshop

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What Our Students Have To Say

These are just a few of the many kind words students have shared with us about their experience with our programs and the Team of PetMassage Training and Research Institute. You can see a full list on our Testimonials page.

I did not expect such a strong emotional connection. Major energy shift while working with the positional release. Very knowledgeable, good communicator, clear confident speaker. Books, manual, and videos are very informative and easy to follow.

United States

The Foundation workshop exceeded my expectation and provided me with tools to go in any direction I choose. It has changed my life.


As a teacher & computer trainer for twenty years, I’m pretty much a student with high expectations of an instructor. Jonathan knows his topics really well and he has a kind and gentle way of offering knowledge as fast as we can soak it up! Thank you for being a loving teacher to your students. I sure learned a lot and enjoyed every day.

United States

Jonathan and Anastasia

Thank you so very much for creating and offering PetMassage training. The drIve back to Pittsburgh allowed for “quiet” time to reflect on the course context and honestly, I cannot thank you enough!

This has enriched my life not only because of my deep passion for animals and desire to learn the art and science of animal massage, but it was your energy work that has opened up a whole new dimension for which I’ve had very limited exposure. I can see that allowing for flexibility during the course training that I would not have been part of the systemic conversions relating to energy work and I see how necessary it is in my everyday life and most definitely to maximize animal massage!

Then to top it off, I now have you as a mentor! I have tremendous respect for your knowledge and for the business that you both have built, plus I like to learn and grow personally and professionally. I am looking forward to a long relationship.


United States

I’m very happy with everything I learned in this workshop.


I researched several animal massage schools before attending PetMassage™ Training and Research Institute. I felt PetMassage™ would best meet my needs. After attending PetMassage™ I felt it had met my needs and greatly exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Jonathan and Anastasia.

United States

Just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for one of the most wonderful weeks I’ve had in a long, long time. Not only did I learn a ton, but I feel PetMassage™ is one of my truths. It’s a path I will follow. Your approach to massage for dogs is insightful, intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, yet very powerful… and all with a light, loving touch. You have truly touched my soul and opened up a path that I’m destined to follow. Thank you for making such a powerful difference in my life…and as a result a powerful difference to the many dogs that I will touch.
Love and Light

United States

Dear Jonathan and Anastasia: I wanted to send you my heartfelt and spirit felt thanks for a wonderful, life changing workshop!! It has inspired me to a whole other level. I cannot thank you enough! I can only liken it to finding the missing piece in the “puzzle” that is my life, my purpose. I am looking forward to seeing you both in September, for the PetMassage™ Advanced Workshop.

New Jersey
United States

Hi Jonathan and Anastasia,

I just wanted to Thank You for the most life changing 5 days of my life! Seriously! The training you provided is invaluable to me! Not only did I learn proper technique on massage, I gained so much personal growth and self awareness! I am confident that I will no DOUBT be the BEST Canine Massage Practitioner in Charlotte, NC thanks to your training. I am over the moon excited that I can say I was trained and instructed by Jonathan Rudinger! I look forward to continuing my training with the Advanced level as well!


Lori Gammon
United States

This hands on course is

This hands on course is very powerful. A lot of hands on learning and personal gain. At first I thought overwhelming but getting home and practicing what I’ve learnt and the techniques it all made sense and just flowed threw me. I recommend this trip to anyone taking the course to further your education.

Heather Baublitz
United States

The things learned in this class can’t be obtained through on-line or by reading.  The hands-on teaching and the discussions were very enlightening on both a personal level and a professional level.

New York
United States

Thank you. You are a great teacher.

South Korea

I really enjoyed the hands-on work, learning the massage skills, and seeing how they can make a positive difference in the life of the dog.


I have learned so much in the last 5 days, both about myself and about the connection we have with dogs.  It is a profound thing and I am blessed to have learned from the animal massage pioneers.

United States

Thank you so much for introducing and teaching PetMassage, and the other scopes of the practice.  I’m looking forward to starting my own practice, and feel confident I will do a great job.


I loved how this workshop created an awareness on such a spiritual and energetic level. I feel like this course will change the way that I approach bodywork with humans. I plan on approaching this work with people and animals in a much more spiritual and energetic way. Thank you so much for everything you both have done! The awareness and new levels of understanding I have about animals and relationships with them, has increased more than I ever imagined! This was truly an experience of a lifetime. Thank you!

United States

This class was amazing and exceeded my expectations.  Jonathan is an excellent teacher who understands how to instruct students and build our confidence at the same time.  I would recommend this workshop to any dog lover.


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