1. PetMassage™ is the treatment of disorders and imbalances of the dog’s body by the systematic external application of PetMassage™ techniques including touch, stroking, friction, vibration, percussion, kneading, stretching, positional release, compression, and joint movements within the normal physiologic range of motion; and adjunctive thereto, the external application of water, heat and cold, colored lights, and sounds.
  2. A practitioner of PetMassage™ shall evaluate whether the application of PetMassage™ is advisable. A canine massage practitioner may provide information or education defined by his/her training and expertise. In determining whether the application of PetMassage™ is advisable, a PetMassage™ practitioner shall be limited to visual inspection including observation of range of motion, and touch. The PetMassage™ practitioner shall provide services under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian including in-office administration of techniques and off-site referrals for ongoing maintenance and rehabilitation. Independent PetMassage™ is appropriate for dogs in the following situations: on-site sports massage, rehabilitation massage, geriatric massage, relaxation massage and palliative massage.
  3. No person shall use the words or letters “PetMassage™ therapist,” “licensed PetMassage™ therapist,” “PMT.” or any other letters, words, abbreviations, or insignia, indicating or implying that the person is a licensed PetMassage™ therapist.
  4. All persons who hold a certificate to practice PetMassage™ shall prominently display that certificate in the office or place where a major portion of the certificate holder’s practice is conducted. If a certificate holder does not have a primary practice location, the certificate holder shall at all times when practicing keep the wallet certificate on the holder’s person.
  5. PetMassage™ does not include:
    1. The application of ultrasound, diathermy, and electrical neuromuscular stimulation or substantially similar modalities; and
    2. The practice of chiropractic, including the application of a high velocity-low amplitude thrusting force to any articulation of the body;
    3. Any skill that might be interpreted as the practice veterinary medicine
      1. The diagnosis of an animal’s condition.
      2. The treatment of infectious, or contagious diseases;
      3. The prescribing or administering of drugs; and
      4. The performing of surgery.


  • First do no harm
  • Practitioners of PetMassage™ provide only the services in which you are trained
  • PetMassage™ complements holistic and traditional veterinary care, home care, spa care and all grooming, training and behavioral modification programs.
  • The PetMassage™ practice enhances the body-mind wellness of dogs.
  • PetMassage™ recognizes that all diseases are symptoms of imbalance and misguided perception in body awareness.
  • PetMassage™ initiates the self-healing of dogs through the use of knowledgeable, compassionate touch, compression, kneading, stretching, positional release, the stimulation of acupressure and referral points, and bio-magnetic energy balancing.
  • PetMassage™ does not include deep-tissue work or extremes of joint movement.
  • PetMassage™ does not diagnose or treat specific disorders.
  • PetMassage™ does not recommend specific dietary regimens.
  • PetMassage™ practitioners do not diagnose, medically treat, or prescribe medications