Advanced PetMassage Aquatic Skills for Specific Veterinary Rehabilitation Support

Canine Aquatic PetMassage physical manipulation is based on the science and understanding of dog structure (anatomy) and function (physiology).

Advanced aquatic training includes

  • Assistive practices for “core” conditioning
  • Exercises to enhance/restore mobility
  • Techniques to use when addressing spinal issues
  • Routines for elder dogs to restore balance/gait/confidence
  • Handling protocols for incapacitated and compromised dogs in the therapy pool
  • Methods of observation, documentation, and results oriented planning

Objectives: By the completion of the workshop you will understand and confidently return demonstrate PetMassage aquatic skills for the 8 primary specific applications of veterinary rehabilitation support.

  1. Obesity
  2. Arthritis
  3. Spine issues
  4. Hip dysplasia
  5. Patella issues
  6. Cruciate ligament rehabilitation
  7. Elbow issues
  8. Paralysis

Home study courses: 2

To be completed 1 week prior to the hands-on workshop at the PetMassage Natatorium in Toledo Ohio. 

Home study 1: Dog Anatomy and Physiology for Focused Aquatic Work.

Home study 2: Research paper on an assigned topic documenting an aspect of Canine Aquatic Physiotherapy. Sourced online.

5 days, Thursday - Monday 9-4

Fee: $2600

Class size:  4 students

Certificate of Completion: PetMassage Aquatic Physiotherapy Skills for Specific Veterinary Rehabilitation Support

Prerequisite: Canine Aquatic PetMassage workshop


During Workshop Info


  • PetMassage Training and Research Institute Toledo, Ohio 43606 USA
    2950 Douglas Road
    Toledo, Ohio 43606 USA
    Emergency phone 419-450-1106

When you enroll for the Program, you will receive a registration packet with suggestions for where to stay, dine, and walk your dogs while you are visiting Toledo.

What to wear:

  • When you attend the program please bring the following:
  • Denim Jacket & below knee Pants OR Sturdy Wet Suit – These are worn in the water to protect your neck, arms, torso, and legs and are required for all in pool activities. You will not be allowed in the pool without wearing protective apparel. This is for your own safety. 
  • 2 Bathing Suits (2 piece recommended)
  • Bathing Cap (Optional)
  • Aqua shoes
  • Oversized Hooded Zippered Sweatshirt – for when you are not in the water

Re: Dogs:

All training is done with live dogs   Everyone gets to experience a wide variety of dogs’ sizes, breeds, ages and personalities.

If you can bring your own pet, please know that your dog will have one 15-20 minute session each day. The rest of your dog’s day will be spent in a crate.

Crates are available on site, and you are welcome to bring your own crates or x-pens.

Please let us know if your dog(s) have any special considerations.

What to expect:

Class sizes are small. You will have abundant opportunities to get individual hands-on instruction with Jonathan Rudinger, the founder of PetMassage Training and Research Institute and the creator of the Canine Aquatic PetMassage.

Building Amenities:  

Kitchen, break room, free parking, WiFi, next door to groomer, emergency vet across the street, close to hotels, restaurants, and metro parks.