Anastasia shares what she witnesses: reactions as a family’s dog gets her first PetMassageTM

Senior terrier needs to see her vet

A few weeks ago, 12-year-old Lily went lame from some unknown cause and was unable to use her hind end; unable to walk. She had a history of some serious arthritis and her vet suggested that she may need to be put down. This was horrendous news. Lily was prescribed an anti-inflammatory to reduce the inflammation in her rear legs and the family was told to “wait and see.” Within a few days, she was up. There was some movement. There was hope. Although a senior citizen, Lily still has lots of life left in her. Lots of life yet to experience. Concerned about the side effects of high doses of medications, Lily’s Mom, a nurse, decided to see if PetMassageTM could help.

PetMassageTM pre-assessment

That’s where I had the opportunity to share my PetMassageTM skills with a delightful family and their delightful terrier. I asked the family to observe her first session. During the oral history taking, the three of them shared their individual stories of their dog. Each of them, I learned, had their individual relationships, assessments, fears, and hopes for their beloved Lily.

PetMassageTM canine massage session

When we began the session with assessment walking, Lily was stiff and double tracked, hopping forward, her body angled to the side. When I hefted her onto the table I noted aloud that she was a bit overweight and that that, could be contributing to her discomfort. Lily immediately settled onto the massage table and accepted the entire session, focusing herself on whatever was happening in her body when my hand touched it. She was very communicative and shared her reactions of what felt good, what felt hurtful, and when she thought I was not paying enough attention to her.

Anastasia shares what she witnesses: the family response to their dog getting PetMassageTM

Anastasia wanted to share some of her perceived reactions from a family observing their dog being PetMassaged by Jonathan for the first time.


He was fascinated, impressed, amazed, enthusiastic, and delighted with learning about PetMassageTM. At one point, Jonathan asked him to feel the heat over her flank. After a quick energy release, where he had felt heat, he could feel that the area was now noticeably cooler. Jonathan showed him how to do some other techniques such as skin rolling and side-to-side rocking. He was enthralled. He realized how valuable PetMassageTM on his dog helped her (Lily). He commented about how, after her PetMassageTM, when the massage was complete, she was able to sit more balanced and walk freely, and straighter, and even had a little bounce in her gait.


Throughout Lily’s PetMassageTM, she was thrilled to witness how happy Lily appeared. She noted the improvements Lily experienced. She happily commented on how the PetMassageTM created a beautifully balanced, peppy, happy dog.


Lily had helped Dad through some emotionally tough times in the past, so with scheduling PetMassageTM for his dog he was indeed giving back to her what she had given to him. He was in deep gratitude to Jonathan for helping his dog become more comfortable and happier through PetMassageTM.

Lily (the dog)

Lily was very expressive and smiled a lot during the entire PetMassageTM (see her photo). She became entrained with Jonathan very quickly as he did his meditative deep breathing and vectoring. At times when he became involved in conversation teaching the son or sharing a story with Mom or Dad, Lily needed to bring Jonathan back to the massage. So she would spin and turn to look at him. When Jonathan touched a sore point on her body she would chew the air, chattering her teeth as if to say “I hurt.” When he skin rolled her neck and shoulders she looked up to Jonathan, smiled and arched her neck and attempted to lick his face.

She enjoyed her entire session. The variety of PetMassageTM techniques Jonathan used helped Lily to sit square/balanced, walk on a straight line -with a spring to her step, and appear more content in her body.

Jonathan (now part of the family)

During and after the PetMassageTM, Jonathan was glowing. He was so delighted to have the opportunity to use his skills to help a dog and her family. He was in his element, a master of his craft, a teacher, a supporter of health, wellness, and quality of life for the dog, the dog’s people, and himself. On the way home, he kept smiling and describing how gratified he felt; so validated and reassured of the tremendous value of PetMassageTM. He said, “I’m so happy I discovered what I’m good at; and how what I have learned to do, helps so many.”

When was the last time (if ever) that you were able to describe your life’s work in such radiantly glowing terms? Are you ready to change careers or expand on the career you already have? Start the new year as a PetMassageTM for dogs Practitioner. We still have openings for the November 5-9, 2015 Foundation workshop.

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