Aquatic PetMassage is your source for private sessions for canine, feline and humans and 5-day training workshops!

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All dogs -- even those who are not natural swimmers -- benefit with PetMassage and exercising in therapeutic warm water. It’s more than dogs getting wet. They are using their bodies – their muscles and their minds -- in ways that are very different from their everyday activities.

Aquatic exercise increases dogs':

  • flexibility
  • muscle tone
  • coordination
  • speed
  • and strength.

Partially paralyzed dogs receive non-weight bearing activities to restore strength and confidence.
Injured dogs receive sessions by referral of dogs’ veterinarians.
Obese dogs swim to lose weight.
Older and hospice dogs enjoy warm water massage.
Canine athletes need body toning and wellness maintenance.
High energy dogs. What do you do with your active dogs during our long cold winters? Is their primary exercise going for a car ride? Get them in the pool!

The combination of massage and swim exercise is clean, fun and safe. All dogs are closely monitored for fatigue and comfort.

Canine Aquatic PetMassage is the perfect non-weight bearing experience for dogs with:

  • arthritis
  • spinal compression
  • shoulder
  • hip
  • hock
  • and paw issues.

During aquatic massage, dogs experience gentle flexion and extension when their body is moved through the warm water. Muscles literally float away from bones.

Jonathan now offers people Aquatic Massage, a variation of his Watsu WaterDance training. It’s shiatsu massage, controlled stretching and myofascial release in warm 97° water.

Jonathan now offers in-hand swim sessions for cats.

Aquatic PetMassage training programs include home study courses and on-site workshops. Choose the dates you’d like to attend the workshops and learn aquatic canine massage, pool management, and aquatic dog handling with Jonathan, a variety of dogs and the inviting living waters in the PetMassage pool.

Call or text: 419-475-3539