If you are happiest when you are with dogs and your heart sings when you help them discover their optimal level of wellness and balance, you are already a member of a very unique “tribe” of like-minded, like intentioned, like destined people.

This book and set of DVDs welcomes you; encourages you to expand on your natural talents and values.

In these works, Jonathan Rudinger, the founder and director of the PetMassageTM Training and Research Institute, shares his experience and knowledge of the skills and perspectives of The Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassageTM for Dogs.

Begin or enhance your canine massage practice.

Learn the Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassageTM for Dogs.

This book reveals

  • benefits and applications for dogs and the canine massage practitioner
  • canine massage theory
  • vocabulary for this vocation of canine massage
  • hand and body skills
  • body and breath mechanics
  • canine behavior. observing canine reflexive responses to your movements

The DVDs bring the written word to life. In them, Jonathan explains clearly step by step, and demonstrates how to use your body, mind and spirit, so that you and your dog will join forces for the time of the PetMassageTM session with common goals, confidence and safety.

PetMassageTM for Dogs DVD 1 and DVD 2 are two parts of one lesson. Each compliments the other. So, if you are asking which of the two to purchase, you need to get them both. Each is about 60 minutes in length and demonstrates different aspects of canine PetMassageTM. If you are serious about learning to massage dogs correctly and want to practice either on your own dogs or be a professional canine massage practitioner, you will want to have these lessons in your library to review over and over again.

Practice makes better.
You know, the more you practice, the better your skills will be. However, if you have ever played sports, you know that it is easy for your muscles to develop their own way of doing things. Holding patterns and habits form quickly and, if left unchecked, it can be difficult to resolve. Inefficient breathing, unclear intentionality and poor body mechanics can take over very quickly. If you notice that your back or shoulders tire during your PetMassageTM, your dogs do too!

Keep reviewing the book and DVDs.
Continue to refine and correct your breathing patterns and your posture. Your PetMassageTM will become more and more enjoyable and your efforts will be more effective. You’ll relish the opportunity to use your skills in assisting your dogs to the optimal quality of movement-and life-life they deserve!

If it has been a while since you took your initial training, this book and set of DVDs will reinvigorate your practice. Guaranteed. Just watch Standard Poodle Jacques-a-Poodle Do melt into a state of bliss as he experiences his PetMassageTM! Those of you who already have this video know exactly what I mean. That’s what I’m talking about!

The information in this book and 2 DVD set will complement every skill set of canine massage and care.

Are these texts only for people who want to pursue a career in canine massage? NO. Everyone who works in the animal care industry; dog handlers, dog walkers, pet sitters, veterinarians, techs and assistants, groomers and breeders, trainers for shows and competitions, will benefit from these lessons. After studying these texts, we are confident that you will not only understand more about how massage helps dogs, you’ll use the learned skills of intention, body language, and touch, the fundamental communication skills, to get all the dogs you work with, to cooperate with you. You will also connect with animals-and their humans- on levels you will not have dreamed were possible.

Bundle and save as a 3 part set

Bundle Art and Essence with both PetMassageTM for Dogs1 and PetMassageTM for Dogs 2 DVDs for just $89.00


Preparation for the PetMassageTM Foundation hands-on workshop
These are the texts that prepare you for the PetMassageTM Foundation hands-on workshop.

Our next PetMassageTM Foundation Workshop is scheduled November 5-9, 2015. We welcome you to register to fulfill your dream of helping dogs become more secure and balanced in their body, mind and spirit.


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