The 8 Home Study Course offerings from PetMassage:

Basic Anatomy of the Dog

The “Basic Anatomy of the Dog” PetMassage™ Home Study Course was specially formulated to meet the practical needs of the beginning dog massage / canine massage practitioner.

While administering a canine massage, it is imperative that you know enough about canine anatomy that you are able to visualize the anatomical structures beneath your hands. You need to know their shapes, how they move, and what they do.

When you complete this course, you will have a good fundamental understanding and working knowledge of dog / canine anatomy.

Medical Terminology, Canine Physiology, Kinesiology and Pathology for the Canine Massage

This home study course is designed to enhance your comprehension and working knowledge of the medical terminology, its etymology and definitions, physiology, and the basic functions within the body that are applicable to canine / dog massage.

Learn about kinesiology, movement (bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons used), and the significant concepts you need to know of the pathology, common veterinary tests, treatments and medications that your canine clients may be experiencing.

This certificate is a credential that sets a new standard for knowledge competency in the field of canine massage and bodywork care.

Confident Dog Handling for the Canine Massage Practitioner

If you are unable to attend this on-site PetMassage™ workshop, this Home Study Course is the next best way to learn these essential dog handling techniques.

For the entire time during a massage session with the dog, you need to establish and maintain your role as the pack leader. In our need to please and placate, we sometimes give up our power, ceding it to the dog. This can put you in an ineffective position, and if you do not recognize or use the correct signals, it can be dangerous.

This course will shift your understanding and relationship with dogs. This course gives you the insights and tools so that you and your dog client will be safe and comfortable in each other’s presence.

Transitions: PetMassage™ Energy Work for the Aging and Dying Dog

This is one of the most essential aspects of the entire practice of PetMassage™. TRANSITIONS: PetMassage™ Energy Work for the Aging & Dying Dog is a means of empowering pet care professionals and individual caregivers to help their dogs and pet owners during any transition in their dogs’ lives and life-styles. This is especially helpful during end-of-life care.

When a dog is in the final stage of life, for the pet owner, it is often a time of confusion, sadness, anger, and denial. Death and dying are uncomfortable. Unknown and unknowable. Often, a dying or already transitioned pet will trigger old issues of previously unresolved loss, fear, and trust.

This powerful course helps you learn to facilitate the unraveling physical bond between owner and dog and initiate the loving conversation around loss, grieving, and acceptance.

PetMassage™ Energy Work with Dogs

This Course enhances your understanding and use of bodywork energy concepts. You will learn body and energy mechanics, as well as the application of them with specific techniques used in the PetMassage™ Advanced Level Program.

Everything is energy. In this course, you learn to enhance the energetic quality of your life, the lives of your dogs, the lives of your canine / dog clients, and their pet parents / owners. Follow the written and audio text, PetMassage™ Energy Work with Dogs, Accessing the Magnificent Body Language and Body Wisdom of the Dog, and grow, chapter by chapter, developing greater insight into the entire canine massage and bodywork process.

Creating and Marketing Your Canine Massage Business

Create and launch your uniquely personal business plan for near and long-term success and personal growth.

This is a how-to-market course unlike any other you’ve seen. It teaches a gentle, supportive, encouraging course for you to develop the first stages of your animal massage business and lay out a strategy for longer term goals. Here, you find a synthesis of Eastern and Western approaches; current business strategies and PetMassage™ theory all based on practical experience.

Combined with your entrepreneurial spirit and persistence, this course will help you to generate prosperity in your business and your life. This Home Study Course is a step-by-step guide to creating your successful canine massage business.

Independent Study/Research (LMTs earn CE credits)

3 hour/ 3 CEU case studies

10 hour/10 CEU in-depth studies

The intention of this course is for you to be an SME, Subject Matter Expert on the topic assigned to you. It will be published on the website and made available for peer review.

In this 3-hour or 10-hour CEC/CEU course, you’ll focus your attention on a single topic. PetMassage™ Instructor, Jonathan Rudinger, will assign or agree to your choice of topic, and guide you as you explore your topic in depth. These are short studies. The length of your paper will also be short: only a minimum of 3 pages.

Completing a research project will enhance your practice by enhancing the depth of your knowledge. If you are an LMT, these are the continuing ed credits that you can use to fulfill your licensing requirements.


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