Confident Dog Handling in Canine Massage / Yoga consciousness [PetMassage Streaming Video & Download]

The Dog Handling in Canine Massage, Yoga Consciousness streaming video & download offers important insights into canine behavior and body language. This is instruction you need to know for your practice: essential dog handling skills.

In your canine massage practice you must be available, capable, and willing to work with a large variety of dogs and dog situations. You may feel hesitant or apprehensive when confronted with dogs that are strong, large, and willful.

These techniques are for your physical and spiritual safety and also for the physical and emotional safety of the dogs you will be handling.

For a safe and effective practice, you must learn to understand and “speak” the language, “canine.” It is the language of nature. The origins for this language are derived from the yoga practice and philosophy.

Learn how to create an environment for your session that is calm, peaceful, nurturing, and especially, safe. Breathing and body language will enable you to protect yourself, and, how to discourage dangerous situations.

This streaming video & download addresses several behaviors you will encounter during each phase of a canine massage session. They include teeth baring, snapping, pawing, and licking. Learn and practice what the pack leader does to command the respect and obedience of other dogs. Learn how, for the brief time you are with your canine client, to establish yourself as the pack leader.

Running time: 60 minutes

Cost: $25

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