Duplication, redundancy, sympathetic, and empathetic functions in the dog  

Duplication, redundancy, sympathetic, and empathetic functions in the dog  

Our dogs bodies are wise and mysterious. In their wisdom, they have several types of backups, backing up each other in case one element malfunctions.

I often stimulate synergistic referral points when I cannot access or am not sure precisely where assistance is needed. There are multiple ways to access and influence areas – to “get there.” I trust the dog’s body to know and channel the energy to where it needs to go. Yes, this is energy work. And, it’s an important aspect of every massage. This is one of the ways that massage differs from the Western medical model. We are all energy. Energy bodies having a physical experience.

The key to finding the way to “get there” is to identify elements and functions that are similar. Begin with a little homework. Find and follow the schematics in books whose charts show you the locations of acupressure points, diatoms, reflexology points, and joints with similar shapes or functions.

In the Helpful Hint “Research Papers Lead to Help for Dog Owners” I offered suggestions that would indirectly affect the dogs issues https://petmassage.com/research-papers-lead-to-help-for-dog-owners/. For the owner of the dog in the article, I suggested that the rings of sphincter muscles could be addressed by stimulating similar shapes with similar movements.

When I affect one element, I am creating a shift in the synergistic element. It could be physical, like this dogs anal sphincter. It could be also be behavioral.

PetMassage, canine massage, is a constant reminder that there is no such thing as a part of the dog that is separate. Dogs are bundles of interrelated energy. Everything they do, think, feel and are, is directly connected. It is the same with you and me.


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