Energy Work is part of every PetMassage

Last week, I had the opportunity to PetMassage Dugan, a big, 80 pound German shorthaired pointer. He is a bird dog. He had been out in the fields, running about, having the time of his life, when he developed a limp in his right foreleg. His pet parent didn’t know the cause; he’d stepped into a hole or possibly tripped over some brambles.

Pendulum is a visual aid

I palpated his leg and shoulder. I knew there was something going on; the leg was warm but was not getting any meaningful direction about what to do about it. I pulled out my pendulum and observed its movements as I scanned with my other hand. It was only with this visual aid that I was able to identify areas where his ch’i flow was diminished or stuck. Then, moving my hand over his leg, I attended to my breath while pulsing alternating ch’i current through my palms into Dugan’s elbow and lower leg.

The movement of the pendulum showed that what I was doing was working. The heat I had felt diminished. The shoulder showed more ROM. Working together, Dugan and I were effectively boosting the energy, comfort and mobility in his forelimb.

When he was returned to the floor after his PetMassage, there was a noticeable reduction in his limping. He was a happier dog and his pet parent was calmed and reassured.

You can learn to use PetMassage Energy Work for Dogs, too

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