Greater Good For Sensitive Canaries Smells And Looks Okay

How are you?

So I have to ask. How are you dealing with everything that is going on? I keep wavering between being overwhelmed by the angst over what is reported and excited with anticipation for whatever happens next. It’s got to unfold week by week; can’t watch the full season on Netflix. If I choose to listen to and read my news feed, the one that Facebook had decided I want to see, worldwide instability is imminent. Geopolitics, as I thought I knew it, is becoming ever more chaotic.

I’m okay.

I meditate to regain my sense of empowerment. I am responsible for who I am and what I believe. I am the witness to my own anger, sadness, withdrawal, and my coming to terms with the fear I sense in the people I love around me.

I’ve learned to pay attention to what I am thinking about. The messages we’ve gotten from Deepak, Wayne, Louise, Abraham, as channeled by Esther, Joe, Eckhart, Bryan, Jerry, and so many others all remind us of the same thing: We are what we think.

Expanding on this, we have become what we thought. We are a current reflection of our thoughts. We have choices. We can choose how we direct our thoughts; that is, what we think about. We shall be what we focus on.

Canary in the mine

Back in the old days before canaries had rights, coal miners used to take canaries down into the mines with them. The birds were so susceptible to changes in air quality that they were used to warn the miners. When the air had reached the unhealthy threshold, they stopped singing. Their silencing was the warning signal. If they did have thoughts or feelings it didn’t matter. The canaries were commodities. They were expendable; replaceable instruments.

Sensitivity training

We are physically and emotionally fragile. Even though dogs thrive within a greater temperature range and air purity range than canaries, have you thought about their sensitivity range? Our dogs have thoughts and feelings. They’re highly sensitive creatures. Sensitive and responsive to whatever they smell, touch, taste, hear, see, plus the energetic values of their people around them. They know when unsettling events are happening around them.

Dogs understand more than we realize. When we notice and react they watch and understand. They are empathic. They feel what we feel; or something close to it. When we are upset, when we are excited, enthusiastic, when we are afraid; our dogs feel it, too. They read our energy in all its variations.

They understand many of the words we say. They understand every thought, every feeling, every gesture and every sigh. If you think about vacationing in the Maldives, a tropical island republic in the Indian Ocean, they smell the fragrance of blossoms and feel the sand between their hairy toes.

So please, as you process what you are going through, take into consideration how your dog is processing your thoughts, and feelings.

Our dogs are the Canaries in our lives.

It is beneficial when someone understands us and offers some supportive validation. I’m here to tell you: We are okay. We and those we care about are going to be okay. Not just our people; our dogs, as well.

So when you are expressing yourself, emoting your concerns, and you hug your dog for comfort, remember that your dog is hugging you back. His hug is his supportive validation of your experience and its emotional context.

Remember to take care of yourself. When we receive massage it is restorative for our bodies, minds, and spirits. Massage with energy work is essential for us and our peace of mind; and doubly so for our dogs.

If you’re concerned about your dog and the effect your alternating bouts of rage and euphoria might be having on him, give him a PetMassage. If you don’t know how, learn how to do PetMassage. If you don’t want to learn, find a PetMassage practitioner in your area. There is a list of graduates of the PetMassageTM workshops on our website.

Good for you. Good for your dog.

Giving or receiving, massage is incredibly cathartic. It is a vehicle for helping yourself to relax, process, grieve, and do whatever it is that you need to get yourself back in balance. You’ll find that in the process of massaging your dogs you rediscover your sense of peace and quiet mindfulness. PetMassageTM your dog and you will become more grounded, as well. Then, you both can move on with your lives.

So the message is: Focus on the good. Find the good. Be the good. Project goodness. Promote the greater good. (Thanks to my friend Mary Kay for pointing out the “good” sign in front of the ice cream shop.)

Our dogs know what we are thinking. They smell it in our perspiration. They see it in our auras. Focus on the good and you’ll look and smell better: happier, healthier and more positive. Your dog will return to be what he thinks about best. He can release his concern over you and get back to what’s really important: chasing squirrels.



  1. ILARIA D’ALESSIO on February 9, 2017 at 5:04 PM

    Hi Jonathan,
    I want to thank you so much for this newsletter. It is so true and enlightened and I really needed it! It’s a tough period and I felt that massaging dogs would affect them with my unbalanced energy, so I stopped. I didn’t think about the team work I could do at least with my dog in order to regain my balance and give “good” back.
    Thank you for your support. Thank you for being present.Thank you for being you.

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