Hey kids: Big price markdowns on the PetMassage Children’s Program.

The prices on all PetMassage Children’s Canine Massage materials have been slashed.

We have boxes and boxes of brand new PetMassage produced books, DVDs and CDs. We need the space that we’ve been allocating in our PetMassage School to the PetMassage for Kids Program. We are preparing to install the new Canine Aquatic Massage pool.

Here’s your opportunity to load up for birthdays, holidays, and scout programs. If you are a formally trained educator or a by-necessity homeschool learning coach, we have curriculum for group after school activities and summer camp courses. Official PetMassage patches that kids can be rewarded for taking the workshop are also marked down.

Here is a list of how much they used to cost and what they are now. Links provided will give you in depth descriptions.

  1. Book: Dogs Kids PetMassage / Dog Massage for Kids.  Was $16.95 Now only $1.99 + shipping
  2. DVD PetMassage: A Kids Guide to Massaging Dogs. Was $17.95. Now only $1.99 + shipping
  3. PetMassage Doggie Songs for Kids.  Was $12.95. Now only $1.99 + shipping
  4. 4-part set includes the book, DVD, CD and patch.  Was $45.00, Now only $ 5.99 + shipping
  5. After school/camp curricula.  Was $220, now only $49.99 + shipping
  6. GSA -Girl Scouts of America’s Program for Skills Merit Patch. Was $75.00, Now only $19.99 + shipping
  7. Patches: Official PetMassage logo. Was $5.00, Now only $1.99 + shipping

Kids need to learn PetMassage. It’s fun for them and great for their dogs. They learn about massage, to become aware of their surroundings, to be responsible, and animal care.

Several years ago Anastasia and I attended an after school program convention in New Orleans. Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State and retired 4-star General was the impressive keynote speaker. He spoke about the power and value of the ancillary courses in his own early education growing up in New York, and how they shaped his extraordinary career. The trade show part of the conference was held in a massive conference hall. Hundreds of vendors. Everywhere one looked there was STEM. Stems everywhere, but few flowers. Math, science, reading, robotics, and computers. Nowhere, except in the little 10×10 booth in the middle of one of the rows in the back half of the hall, could you find something for kids and their pet dogs. What can be more wholesome, more natural, more essential in children’s education? We proffered PetMassage lessons in pet dog handling and care.

It was a remarkable experience. While some vendors sat waiting for someone to talk to, our little booth space was continuously jam packed with people. They just wanted to be in our energy. I can understand.

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