Hi. Right This Minute, How Are You?

Hi. Right This Minute, How Are You?


I’m Here For You.

PetMassage™ is a method of spontaneous communication, a dialogue, in which both the practitioner and the dog strive together to create enhanced balance and function. It’s a type of “Call and response.“ Can I get an Amen?

During their PetMassage™ every dog expresses themselves in their own way. Some dogs stand quietly accepting touch. Some snooze. Some remain alert to everything going on around them. Others, spin and dance for the entire session.

Each dog is unique. Each has a well defined personality and style of processing their bodywork.

Each has their own set of needs. It might be fatigue, pain, fear, or lack of mobility. It might be for rehabilitation. It might be wellness maintenance. It might be part of conditioning for competition. It might be Karmic.

Restricting yourself to a predetermined program makes your connection stiff and contrived. How can you have a spontaneous conversation when your lines are scripted and the dog’s lines are not? Standardization, orthodoxy of form, gets in the way of the intention of massage.

PetMassage Practitioners tap into the same goals as they would in Eastern meditation. We must learn self awareness and self control. Self awareness, to pay attention to our breathing, respiration, pulse, posture, thoughts, and notice our bodies intuitive responses. Self control, to restrain ourselves from doing everything we know rather than applying the one best method. If the dog cannot find the exact “words” in their vocabulary, we can look to ours to discover what they want.

An effective and nurturing PetMassage is spontaneous. Responsive. Join your dog in their moment. Stay there with them and help them process what they can…to enhance their balance and function.

The PetMassage process is giving the massage, not massaging. It’s bodywork WITH the dog rather than ON the dog.

Together, we can make a difference.

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