Host the hands-on training workshop for the PetMassage Foundation Level PetMassage Program.

Would you like to host the hands-on training workshop for the Foundation Level PetMassage Program?

The PetMassage School will come to you.

As host, we request that you provide a room for lecture, and hands-on teaching and arrange for the dogs that we will require for hands-on instruction.

If you have an indoor facility that is large enough to accommodate this program, – 1000 square feet – and a grassy outdoor area for the dogs, we can together, provide a great canine massage workshop experience. Students may bring their own dogs. We do not encourage students to massage dogs on the floor, especially while they are learning. So, we will also require a sturdy grooming table for each student. They may bring their own table, as well.

Host provides

  • Indoor space
  • Grassy area
  • Dogs
  • Tables for students
  • Team up with PetMassage for Networking and Promotion

The workshop is 5 days. The classes are over an extended weekend, Thursday through Monday. Class sizes are 6-20 students. The course fees are $2000/attendee. For your promotion and the use of your facilities, your fee will be waived and in addition, you will earn 20% commission on registrants’ fees.

So, in addition to learning canine massage and developing a reputation for hosting significant seminars, this is an income opportunity.

Student credentialing. After they have completed the rest of the Program requirements: home study courses, a short research paper, documentations of their practice canine massage sessions, and a couple of videos, they are certified by our School as PetMassage Practitioners.

We have been teaching this PetMassage vocational training workshop in our school in Toledo, Ohio since 1997. PetMassage is acknowledged around the world as a pioneer and leader in the field of canine massage instruction. It is also recognized by the holistic veterinary community. Jonathan Rudinger, the PetMassage Training and Research Institute founder and instructor, is also President of the IAAMB/ACWT, The International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork/ Association of Canine Water Therapy.

Find out more about hosting your hands-on workshop for the PetMassage Foundation Level Program. Contact: or call 800-779-1001. Outside the US: 1-419-475-3539.

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