Mudras, hand gestures, in classical dance in India, are symbolic for directing energy towards the sun, the moon, the spirit, the ground. We integrate these predominantly in our Transitions PetMassage. They are functional. Purposeful. Mudras are essential for driving the narrative of the story the dance is telling.

The Classical Indian Dance Mudra Formula

Where the hand goes, the eyes follow.
Where the eyes go, the mind goes.
Where the mind goes, the emotions go.
Where the emotions go, there is feeling.
Where there is feeling, there is mood/flavor, sweetness (i.e., appreciation of art; aesthetic bliss, balance, comfort).
Where the feeling goes, there is acceptance and gratitude.

Mudras and the PetMassage Form

Consider the many similarities to the experience practitioners and dogs have in a PetMassage.

P: My hands trace over the contours of the dog’s body.
D: Dogs follow the feeling of my hands. They feel their own bodies as they respond.
P: My eyes are intuitively drawn to irregularities in shape and texture we feel. I note the variations in light, shadow, texture, hue and tone.
D: Dogs turn to watch me work. They observe my hands, yes. They are especially interested in my facial expressions; my eyes are my most expressive facial elements.
P: I assess the significance of the shapes, textures, temperatures, and responsiveness I feel.
D: Dogs consider and process how each touch feels. Is it comfortable, uncomfortable, pleasant, or unpleasant.
P: I am one with the dog I’m an extension, an augmentation of their sensory system for proprioception.
D: Dogs assess if they are safe and protected, in the moment or in the past, vulnerable and fearful.
P: As i join up with the dog I become more and more empathic.
D: Dogs recognize my connection and intention to support. They become willing participants in their therapeutic processes.
P: I know how and what to do to support, nurture, and assist their bodies and minds toward comfort and balance.
D: The dogs respond to their ( and my) kneads. They recognize the value. They feel the benefits as they follow-on my gentle persistent encouragement.
P: With each call and response throughout the session, I feel completed. I am living the dream. I am joyous that I have discovered that I can derive so much pleasure, satisfaction, and self-worth helping dogs by applying the methods of PetMassage. About PetMassage
D: They love feeling the variation in pressure, direction, speed, shape and texture of our touch. It’s a belly rub to the Nth power. They love the undivided attention. They love how their newly transformed bodies feel.

P: I carefully pick up the dogs to assist them to the floor. My final touch is imbued with safety and confidence. My hands leave lasting impressions.
D: They feel our hands exit their bodies.
P: I observe the dogs after their PetMassage. I note how much every PetMassage improves their gait, posture, breathing patterns, and overall countenance.
D: Dogs look around at their world with freshly cleared eyes.

And so it goes. Hands, followed closely with the Eyes, the Mind, Emotions, Feelings, Acceptance, and Appreciation.

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