Learning PetMassage is like learning a new language

Learning PetMassageTM is like learning a new language

PetMassageTM is a journey. 

The goal of the PetMassage Advanced workshop, is to take the Foundation Practitioner’s level of expertise and capacity to help dogs to the higher level. Advanced workshop students learn additional skills, and more intensive applications of skills they mastered in their Foundation training. They learn to incorporate and integrate several types of nuanced energy work, including Healing Touch, Reiki, polarity, TCM acupressure, meridian and circadian rhythms, Trigger point, cranial sacral, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and animal communication skills. They learn, in the home study module, canine anatomy, kinesiology, first aide, and the basics of medical terminology. Everything in the pathology part of the course is information that I have needed to learn in my practice. Everything in this course is directly connected with the professional ability to PetMassage dogs more effectively and efficiently. 
By the final day of the Advanced workshop, students have all been together for five days. In that time, in this short intensive communal setting, everyone is learning new and exciting skills, and learning new and exciting things about themselves. 
Who knows everything? Qui sait tout? Che sa tutto?

Now, each is committed to expanding their practice; taking it to the next level. This involves self-evaluation and the realization that there is more to learn than what was covered in the Foundation level training. It is like taking one semester of a foreign language and thinking that you are now an expert, that you know all the words, all the tenses, all the declensions (nouns, adjectives, or pronouns that all change their form or word endings in the same way according to gender, number, or grammatical case), and cultural contexts to be able to speak the language fluently. PetMassageTM is a language, too, and it is learned and interpreted and assimilated and developed, in layers, and with continuing training.

Go off-roading with Advanced workshop content

Since the Foundation course, everyone’s journey has taken them into a different vector. Everyone is a little insecure about where they have taken their PetMassageTM.  They have each been developing their practices, honing them, discarding what they’ve found doesn’t work, adapting what does. No two PetMassage practices, or skill sets, are alike, since they reflect the interests and personalities of the practitioner. So, coming back home, beginning another workshop at the PetMassageTM school, everyone begins slightly confused, tentative, insecure, a little apprehensive and excited about embarking on their new path. We all share the same feelings and this encourages a shared sense of community. 
On the final day of the five day workshop, after we have heard each other’s stories, gotten to know each other, observed each other, learned the new and life-transforming PetMassageTM skills, we conclude with an incredibly powerful sharing ritual. It is the PetMassageTM version of the MasterMind.
Respectful support, enthusiasm, in PetMassageTM MasterMind
MasterMind has been around for many years. Created by Think and Grow Rich Guru, Napoleon Hill, it was adapted –with enormous success– by addiction recovery groups and also in the past fifteen years it has taken off as a medium for business coaches. The MasterMind process, in the PetMassageTM variation, is self-empowering, self-motivating, and holds one to be self-accountable. No one gives their power away. We begin with acknowledging that the power for change and the ability to make decisions that move us toward our goals is all within us. We state that we are taking responsibility for whatever may have been restricting our personal growth and prosperity. We write three goals in our workbooks and then each of us reads, or shall we say “proclaims” our goals out loud. 
Then the transformative part begins. The other students. one by one, shares their vision of what the others’ goals, when completed, look and feels like. The perspectives that student bring to the process cover as broad a range as their goals. In this last workshop, we all know for each other that one student is incorporating PetMassageTM into a day care center for geriatric dogs and aquatic conditioning business, another is helping disc dogs and involved in canine veterinary rehabilitation, another is adding it to a successful pet sitting practice, another is transitioning from highly stressful pet walking and dog sitting company, and another is teaching the vocational and life skills of PetMassageTM to veterans with PTSD.
How encouraging it is to have this kind of support! Throats catch, tears flow, and skin goosebumps, as we each listen to, and hear, how our trusted and valued colleagues enhance our dreams, our goals as they envision them. We are validated. We are believed. We can now move forward on our life’s journey with even more confidence, enthusiasm, and expectancy. 
The PetMassageTM Advanced level training is a jump start to a growth spurt. Students learn massage skills, dog handling skills advanced animal communication skills, energy skills, new theories, applications, an in-depth knowledge about the value and practice of PetMassageTM and a hitherto unexperienced depth of support. Support that propels them into the exciting white water rapids of the channel that is their correct path.
Elite Group

This group was so enthusiastic about continuing to help and support each other, they created a private Facebook account for the Elite Group of PetMassage practitioners who have taken the Advanced Level Training. If you would like to join this elite group, the next Foundation workshop is August 18-22, 2016. The next Advanced Level workshop is October 17-21, 2016.

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