New Book: How to Massage My Senior Dog, and a Favor

New Book is on Amazon

Thank you to everyone who submitted enthusiastic comments about my new book, How To Massage My Senior Dog: Elements of Style and Full Body PetMassage Sequence. Over 20 years ago I recognized the special needs for our geriatric dogs. We even created a video called “PetMassage for the Older Dog.” It was a general guide and from a beginner instructor’s perspective it was pretty good. It still holds up. Of course, with the experience of working with thousands of dogs, my understanding of dogs and practice of PetMassage, especially with senior dogs, has certainly matured and evolved.

I have learned so much more that I’d like to share with you. I’m confident there is new content here that you can either use to learn to massage your dog for the first time or to enhance your current canine massage practice.

This book has the newest iteration of my insights into massaging our senior dogs. It just keeps getting better and better. (Big grin!)


Please do me a favor: go to and purchase How To Massage My Senior Dog: Elements of Style and Full Body PetMassage Sequence. Encourage your network of friends to purchase copies for themselves, too. It’s only $20.

Join me in spreading the word about canine massage for senior dogs.

Review On Amazon

So, please take a few moments to write Amazon reviews. I’d love five stars, but your honest review is what I’m asking for.

The more reviews we have, the more likely

  1. this title will show up as a selection on Amazon
  2. more people will learn about the benefits, joy, and value of dog massage and,
  3. senior dogs will get their much needed – and appreciated – massages.

Thank you.

Sharing the Moment on Facebook

We videoed the moment that I opened the first copy that I received from our publisher. You are welcome to watch it and share my excitement (along with Camille and a Ilaria) on our Facebook page. I’ll enjoy reading your comment on Facebook, too.

Mother’s Day

This would be a great gift for Dog Moms with senior dogs; senior dogs and dogs that will be seniors in the near future.

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