One hundred naked birds smile

Birds of a feather

I watched a huge flock of birds descend upon a tree in our neighbor’s yard. Sections of the tree are bare; its branches infested with delicious fowl-tasty vermin. Word, or chirp, had spread. It was a fabulously turned out buffet.  Ravenous insectivores appeared from all directions. It was a big event. A happening. 
Swooping in, fluttering their tail feathers upon landing, there was an energy of excitement and eager anticipation. Everybody who was anybody had apparently been invited. Birds darted in and out, excitedly coming and going, skittering from branch to branch, down to the ground and back up again. It was a party; they were singing and screeching, arguing and eating, showing off and connecting up. Tangles of leafs exploded out from the vibrating branches, landing in messy clumps, on the white bespeckled lawn below. Raucous and noisy, these were some happy birds. 
Then, after ten minutes of intensely vibrant activity, they all fell silent, paused, and as if they were of one body and mind, flew away. Simultaneously. I watched for a predator, a hawk or a crow; and for the several minutes I waited, no other bird approached the tree. What had just happened?
An apparent truth and a decision

A consensus decision had been silently and resolutely made, acknowledged and enacted. The message went: this tree, at this time, no longer suits our needs. Something is not right. We are not safe. We cannot trust our lives to what is offered by this tree. We must abandon this tree. There are other trees we can find that will be better for us birds. They may not be as well formed and perfectly suited to host our boisterous mass banquets; and, we can trust that they will offer what we need to sustain us.
Flocking communication

The communication within the flock is similar to what happens in the body. PetMassageTM helps the body to recognize what is good and comfortable and guides its inner knowing toward that behavior.

I recently came across a delightful @Twitter #hashtag. It is #inner-smile. This little phrase has stayed with me, continuously present, waiting in the wings for its cue for entrance onto my consciousness. It has become part of my vernacular. Inner smile was in last week’s blog, a television interview, and now I’m sharing it with you in this week’s blog.
When I imagine what an inner smile feels like, I cannot help but outwardly smile. The inner smile I envision is the body realizing that it has just moved into comfort. More than just ease and comfort, it has moved into such a state of bliss that it has become aware of how good it feels.

I liken it to the experience of enjoying just gazing at trees in the evening and all at once noticing a particular tree or building that appears to stand out, have more clarity, and be glowing, radiating energy in an unworldly golden hue. It’s the artist’s light. It lasts for just a few precious minutes. We are suffused with the beauty. We are transfixed and we notice we are transfixed. And our souls smile.

Goal of PetMassageTM 

Of course, this is the goal of PetMassageTM, to assist dogs to their own version of bliss.
Here’s your homework: Consider the possibilities and ramifications of other inner sensations. How would you describe the inner shudder, theinner yawn, the inner sigh. Oh, and lest we forget, the inner groan. 🙂 

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