PetMassage for Dogs Day (July 11th)


Please join us in celebrating dogs and our service for them

2020 will be the 8th year we will be celebrating PetMassage for Dogs Day. It is growing in awareness and popularity every year.

PetMassage for Dogs Day is an officially authorized and recognized occasion. For all of us practicing animal massage and bodywork professionally. This proclamation is a legally binding, official recognition. It is official validation.

This day, we proclaim our value. Honoring and celebrating PetMassage for Dogs Day is an opportunity to grow your business. 

“Yes,” you say, “PetMassage for Dogs Day exists in Toledo.” It also exists in Cleveland, in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Nashville, Kansas City,  Atlanta,  Miami,  New Orleans, Austin, Santa Fe, Denver, Salt Lake City,  Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Maui, Fairbanks, Vancouver, Whitehorse, Quebec, Toronto, London, Paris, Madrid, Florence, Athens, Morocco, Dubai, Johannesburg, Moscow, Mumbai, the Philippines, Taiwan, Osaka, Tokyo, Sidney, Christchurch, and, in the town or city where you live.

Let’s celebrate together

There are several ways that you can celebrate where you live. 

  1. Promote it on your website and your social network.  Be sure to document everything you do with plenty of photos for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and videos for YouTube. Cc them to us at We’ll post them on our website and credit you with a link.
  2. Offer special gift certificates with PetMassage for Dogs Day discounts to people who purchase them on July 11
  3. Set up a table and give free demonstration sessions in a park popular to dog walkers, a dog park, a pet store, your vet’s office, or at your groomers. Make sure that your appearance and signage is professional looking. Impressions matter.
  4. Give a presentation and offer demonstrations outside at your local dog park. 
  5. Donate your time and expertise at your local shelter. 
  6. Send out email press releases. Offer to give an interview. Call up all the media (print, radio or TV) networks. If July 11th is a slow news day and there are spaces in the news feed that need to be filled, canine massage is always a feel-good, light-hearted story. With this short notice, the news of your activities on PetMassage for Dogs Day is current and time sensitive. News editors recognize this. You get the promotion you deserve, pet parents hear about what you do one more time, and hopefully the next time their dogs need help they’ll call on you.