PetMassage™ Advanced Level Workshop – Refresher


Welcome back!

The Refresher is an opportunity to take just the hands-on module of the workshop a second time at a reduced fee. There are no home study courses, no required research assignments and no post workshop session documentations.

PetMassage™ evolves. The content that was taught 15, 10, 5 and even 3 years ago is substantially different from what is taught now. The PetMassage Advanced Level Refresher Workshop is 5 days, Thursday-Monday, 9 am to 4 pm

  • Enhance your practice.
  • Reconnect with the fundamentals
  • “Refresh” your skills and enthusiasm

Remember the excitement, the “aha” revelations, the community!

Prospective Students:

People who have completed the PetMassage Advanced Level hands-on workshop.

 Fee: 950.00 (IAAMB/ACWT members get a 10% discount)

Register Now: Two options to pay.

Advanced Level Workshop – Refresher (1 Payment with 5% Discount)

Advanced Level Workshop Refresher (1/2 Deposit)

Workshop Class Size Limit:



Completion of Hands-on module of the PetMassage Advanced Level Program.

Objectives / Goals:

  • Review an understanding of the theory, techniques, vocabulary, culture and vision of Advanced PetMassage™
  • Learn and review healthy body mechanics for strength, stability, stamina and enjoyment

Home Study Courses Included In This Workshop: