PetMassage™ for Dogs 3-part Set

The 3 parts to this set are


1. & 2. The set of PetMassage for Dogs 2 DVDs, 2 hours of enjoyable training of canine massage

3.  Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassage for Dogs, the book for canine massage instruction.306 pages, illustrated, index.


This 3-part set is part of the texts that students use to prepare for professional level vocational training at the PetMassage Foundation Level Program

This is the perfect gift for any dog lover who wants to learn canine massage and integrate massage with their own dogs care program. This is the perfect gift for your DVM, vet tech, dog trainer, groomer, pet sitter, dog walker, or shelter worker.

Most importantly, there’s you. If you are happiest when you are with dogs, and your heart sings when you can help them discover their optimal quality of life, you are ready for this set. PetMassage is for you. PetMassage can be your new career!

PetMassage™ for Dogs DVDs Total run time: 120 minutes

PetMassage™ for Dogs 1 The techniques in this lesson will get you on your way to giving your dog a professional quality massage at home. With his Teaching Assistant, Jacques-a-Poodle- Doo, Jonathan demonstrates the first levels of PetMassage for Dogs. You’ll learn correct hand positions,canine body language, correct body mechanics, massage skills including touch, stroking, and scratching. Your lesson concludes with a magical demonstration of a full body PetMassage session60 minutes

PetMassage™ for Dogs 2 This DVD expands on and continues the instruction. Join Jonathan Rudinger and his beautiful and talented Teaching Assistant, boxer, Lola Ginabrigida, in this enjoyable hour of canine massage training. This lesson introduces the concept of the Chase Reflex and demonstrates the important role it plays in canine massage. You’ll learn more about the canine body, body language, body mechanics used in massage, the effects in canine massage of variations of pressure, direction, and rate of movement. Learn rocking and rolling, the role of intentionality, fascia, and the phenomenon of the healing crisis. 60 minutes

In the book,Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassage for Dogs,  Jonathan Rudinger, the founder of the PetMassage Institute ( shares his experience and knowledge of the skills and perspectives of The Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassage for Dogs. This book is based on his over 20 years of private practice and teaching canine massage workshops.

Learn to facilitate your dog’s balance and restorative healing. PetMassage is a highly effective way to enhance your dog’s quality of life, at every age, stage and circumstance. The combination of skilled touch and compassionate active presence has a profound effect on every aspect of dogs’ bodies and minds.

This book’s contents:

benefits and applications for dogs and the canine massage practitioner

animal massage theory

vocabulary for this vocation

hand and body skills

body and breath mechanics

canine behavior, observing canine reflexive responses to your movement

PetMassage™ for Dogs 3-part Set, $68.95

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