PetMassage Foundation Level Workshop – Refresher

We just completed the final Foundation Level Workshop of the year. The students were all enthusiastic, attentive, responsible, and passionate about embarking on new careers helping dogs using massage. Everyone was so committed; the week flew by in a euphoric blur.

The workshop ends with smiles, tearful hugs, and optimism-tinged with a little apprehension.

As they pack up their books, jackets, and dogs and leave to embark on their life journeys, I am happy for them. With having just 5 days of training they are all doing very well. On our field trip to the Humane Society the dogs certainly appreciated their sessions.

They are not done though. They each still have much more to learn. Everyone needs time and a lot of practice to perfect what they’ve been introduced to. So much, packed into a few powerful days. There had been lessons on moving our bodies, exercising our eyes, breathing, balance, and energy flow. We have discussed dog anatomy, physiology, pathology, and even had an introduction to some meridians and acupressure points. They’d had instruction in dog handling, massage theory, massage skills, massage practice, scope of practice, massage business, equipment, and marketing. Overwhelming.

No one can become an expert in all these skills in this short amount of time. I’ve facilitated over 300 of these workshops and I’m still learning. Every workshop I teach provides new insights, fresh perspectives, expanding circles of understanding and competence.

Do you remember your Foundation workshop experience? The excitement, the “aha” revelations, the tribal community! There was so much happening during your first time around, there’s a good possibility you may have missed something. Or maybe you’ve become so set in your own ways of doing things you’ve forgotten some of the all-important basics.

Has it been awhile since you graced us with your presence in your first Foundation Level workshop?

We’ll Help You Refresh Your Skills.

Let us work together to give your enthusiasm-and your practice-a boost.

Taking a workshop more than once isn’t like repeating 2nd grade. You are not being held back. What you are doing is choosing to deepen your understanding; refine your practice. You are choosing to get better at what you do. One cannot learn to play the clarinet or confidently jump a horse with one week of lessons. These would be an unreasonable expectations. Consider how much your practice can improve with another 5 days of PetMassage vocational training!

I’ve taken several massage therapy workshops more than once. Each time I learn something new and valuable. Each time I take a workshop I get a different set of lessons. After all, I’m a different person. I’m (hopefully) more evolved, more experienced, and working with a more (ahem) mature body.


The Foundation Refresher workshop is 5 days and includes both the Dog Handling and Body Mechanics mini-workshops.

The Refresher is an opportunity to take the hands-on module of the workshop a second time at a dramatically reduced fee. There are no home study courses, no research assignments, no required videos, and no documentations of post-workshop canine massage sessions.

PetMassage evolves. The content that was taught 15, 10, 5 and even 3 years ago is substantially different from what is taught now.

The Perfect Time To Register Is Now

Reserve your place at the table at this rate and choose the workshop that best fits your 2018 schedule later.

The current fee is just $750.00. Apply your 20% discount (cannot be combined with other discounts) and it’s only $600.

To register you must call the school. Monday-Friday, 9-2pm EST. 800.779.1001 outside the US, call 1.419.475.3539.

Workshop Class Size Limit:

10 Students

Waiting List:

If you see on the website that the Foundation Level workshop you would like to attend is full, and there are no more tickets for it available, add your name to its waiting list. Someone who is registered for that workshop may need to switch to another month. If your intention is strong, a spot will open up for you.


You attended a previous Foundation Level Workshop. (If you haven’t submitted all the paperwork for your certificate, that’s okay. You still qualify for this program.)

Objectives / Goals:

• Apply healthy body mechanics for strength, stability, stamina and enjoyment (time with Diane)
• Learn dog handling in the context of the PetMassage session for the 1st time or as a review (time with Monica)
• Review the theory, techniques, vocabulary, culture and vision of PetMassage

Home Study Courses Included In This Workshop:


Mini-Workshops Included In This Workshop:

  • Gait and Body Mechanics Mini-Workshop: Held on the first day of each Foundation Level Workshop, practitioners learn how to move their own bodies safely and efficiently. When you move comfortably you will interact with dogs with increased balance, stability and confidence.Learn More >>>
  • Confident Dog Handling for PetMassage Practitioners Mini-Workshop: Held from 9 AM to 1 PM on the second day of each Foundation Level Workshop, practitioners learn to communicate more confidently with their canine clients. Learn More >>>

Included Materials:

Revised Foundation Level Workshop Manual

Certificate for Completion:


The Refresher Foundation Level workshop.

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