Conscious Connected Breathing Sessions with Anastasia

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Conscious Connected Breathing allows you to release suppressed emotional stress in a pleasurable, safe and natural way.

Developed in the early 70’s, many thousands of people throughout the world have successfully practiced Conscious Connected Breathing.

By learning to breathe consciously and fully, you can discover and release the core issues held in your body, mind, and emotions.

Conscious Connected Breathing is a great way to detoxify your body. 70% of all body wastes are eliminated through the lungs. Breathing fully and freely supports your quality of life.

About Anastasia

Anastasia Rudinger is a Certified Breathwork Practitioner.. She received her professional training at the Chicago Rebirthing Center in 1989. She is a graduate of Loving Relationships Training. In her private practice, she has had the privilege of assisting numerous clients through their breathing and life enhancing process.

Breathwork assisted her to become more positive about herself and her work. This technique is an integral part of her ongoing self-care. She is delighted to share this process with you.

Anastasia graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1988 as a Certified Massage Therapist. She is also an Infant Massage Instructor who enjoys encouraging new parents to bond with and better understand their babies.

A Session with Anastasia

Your session takes place in a quiet room with soft light and peaceful music. You are lying on a
cushioned mat or massage table.

The session begins with coached connected breathing. You remain fully aware of your breath,
body and emotions.

Feelings, images and sensations surface. With gentleness and respect, Anastasia supports and
affirms where you are in your process of dissolving the tensions of the past stored in your body’s cells. This was your “cellular memory.”

With Anastasia’s coaching, your body cleanses and purifies itself by first acknowledging, then releasing, self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns. She guides you, with using affirmations and breathing, to change your unconscious beliefs.

Your session completes. You are more aware; in a more open — more valued state of consciousness. Anastasia sits with you, quietly discussing your experience and progress. You are now ready to re-enter your world. . . with more balance, purpose, and confidence.

Session Details:

  • On-site Fee: $70 per session
  • Duration of Session: Approximately an hour.