Dogs and their people are happier and healthier with PetMassage

Private PetMassage™ Sessions

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Massage has numerous benefits. Including increased circulation and flexibility, for both dogs and people.

Canine PetMassage™

Dogs at all stages of life, just like humans, derive tremendous benefits with PetMassage™. All breeds, sizes, ages, and conditions benefit.

Jonathan has worked with lap dogs, hunting dogs, show dogs, agility dogs, service dogs, security dogs, search and rescue dogs, and hundreds of family pets.

For active dogs, PetMassage™ helps overworked and compensating muscles by enhancing strength, flexibility, endurance, conditioning, and wellness maintenance.
For inactive and/or indoor dogs, PetMassage™ helps renew skin, coat, joint mobilization, improved isotonic and isometric movements, lymphatic movement. The end result is a stimulated and refreshed dog.
For geriatric and hospice dogs, PetMassage™ is meditation with touch to help you and your dog share memories and emotions while bidding each other goodbye. This palliative care helps comfort your dog’s body and gentle their spirit, while offering you emotional support and an encouraging experience. Jonathan is here to support you both.

Session Details:

  • On-site Fee: $65 per session
    • Home appointments available with addition travel fee.
  • Duration of session based on the individual needs of each dog.

Human / People Massage

You will get tremendous benefits from a full body massage as well. Jonathan is an RN, LMT practicing since 1997. Jonathan’s massage techniques has evolved and gentled with strong influences of Orthobionomy, myofasial work, Swedish massage, and his nonverbal work with animals. Jonathan’s massage is quiet, gentle, powerfully nurturing and effective.

Session Details:

  • On-site Fee: $65 per 1 Hour Session


Testimonials from Private Session Clients:

Jonathan worked on Adalmar, a 3 year old Weim who has a rebuilt pelvis, rod down his right leg and both hips plated from an accident when he was 7 months old.

I felt bad because when Adalmar came in, it was clear it was one of his rough days – his right rear leg was shaking and body weight shifted forward.

This has always indicated a need to get to the chiropractor immediately – he has had this problem more than once. Jonathan’s demeanor while working on Adalmar filled the room with a joyful peace. He called it “magical” when he was done.

Well, Adalmar went to his vet the next day and his vet, a chiropractor, said the problem had been “hyperspastic iiopsoas muscles bilaterally in memory (loin)”.He then said, “No adjustment necessary. Whatever he (Jonathan) did fixed it.” Then he wanted to hear all about our training!

United States

I was introduced to Jonathan and his methods years ago, but never had the need to use them until one day when my 4# Pomeranian Fiona had a leg injury. She went to the vet and nothing was broken, but she still was not using it. After multiple visits to the vet, the vet was going to give it another month of recovery time. If she didn’t use it they were going to have to amputate the leg. I just couldn’t do it. I checked around for some other alternative that I could do her. I remembered Jonathan and sent him an email to see if he could help. He called me back and we talked a little bit. He said that he wasn’t sure how she would take the treatment but it he would love to meet her and see what results we would get. At the first appointment, I wanted to cry with what I saw. She was so intent on what he was doing it was amazing. She was leaning into his fingers to get the most out of his touch. She communicated with him using her body to tell him where to go next. Before the lesson, she wasn’t putting her foot down. After the lesson, she would put it down about every 7-8 step. Jonathan taught me a few things to do every day with her to continue the therapy at home. After our second lesson, she was using it about every 3-4 steps. We still have more therapy to do, but it looks so promising. She is using the leg intermittingly, but it looks promising that she will recover from the injury. I would recommend Jonathan and PetMassage to anyone who asks me. He has a way about him that portrays calmness and positive energy to your dog. I would definitely go to PetMassage with your pet if you need some help.

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