Private Sessions: Dry PetMassage and Aquatic PetMassage

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Private Sessions: Dry PetMassage and Aquatic PetMassage

Dogs at all stages of life, just like humans, derive tremendous benefits with PetMassage, both dry and aquatic.

Dry and Aquatic PetMassage incorporate the structural musculoskeletal alignment of traditional massage therapy with myofascial positional release, lymphatic drainage, trigger point, and enhancing chi flow through stimulation of TCM acupoints and meridians. 

Dogs (and cats) dry experience PetMassage and Aquatic PetMassage, in the on-site heated hydrotherapy pool. 

The PetMassage Scope of Practice, per the Ohio State Veterinary Licensing Board: provides massage

  1. for relaxation
  2. rehabilitation massage and aquatic facilitation under the supervision of licensed veterinarians
  3. as palliative care
  4. advice based on 25 years of study and experience
  5. and at dog sporting events.

When is PetMassage the right choice for your dog?

Massage is indicated if your dog

  • is an athlete to maintain balance and resolve minor injuries
  • is physically compromised
  • has been injured
  • is recovering from surgery
  • has arthritis or mobility difficulties
  • has spinal compression
  • is partially paralyzed 
  • is an amputee (tripod)
  • walks in a harness
  • has been vet diagnosed with dysplasia of the hip, elbow, or patella
  • is overweight
  • is underweight due to hormonal or digestive imbalances
  • has seizures
  • is having a hard time emotionally adjusting to his/her or your schedule or changes in family dynamics
  • is a senior
  • is a puppy
  • is stressed
  • is depressed
  • is celebrating a birthday or anniversary 

Massage and aquatic activities are contra-indicated if your dog

  • is in shock
  • has open wounds
  • has a recently broken bone that has not yet knitted
  • has contagious skin pathologies
  • is infested with fleas or ticks
  • is a bite risk to his therapist
  • has unclipped claws
  • has been advised by your veterinarian not to get massage

Session Descriptions, Packages, Fees

  • All dogs: Assessment 45-60 minutes $75.
  • Aquatics PetMassage 20-25 minutes $50.
  • 5 Aquatics PetMassage Sessions $235.
  • Dog  15-30 minutes, based on stamina/fatigue $40.
    5 Dog Swim Sessions $190.
  • Dry PetMassage 50 minutes $70.

Multi-session discount packages are available. 

Canine PetMassage home appointments are available. There will be an additional travel fee. 


  • For active dogs, PetMassage helps overworked and compensating muscles by enhancing strength, flexibility, endurance, conditioning, and wellness maintenance.
  • For inactive and/or indoor dogs, PetMassage helps renew skin, coat, mobilize joints, encourage isotonic and isometric movements, and lymphatic movement. The end result is a stimulated and refreshed dog.
  • For geriatric and hospice dogs, PetMassage is meditation with touch. Its purpose is to help you and your dog share memories and emotions while bidding each other goodbye. This palliative care helps comfort your dog’s body and gentles their spirit, while offering you emotional support and an encouraging experience. Jonathan is here to support both you and your dog. 

On-site Fee:

Canine Aquatic Massage

Private Facilitated Canine and Feline Swim 30 min

Dry PetMassage Session


Policies: PetMassage Dry and Aquatic Sessions for Pets and People 

Payment All sessions are prepaid at the time of scheduling. All prepayments are non-refundable and non-transferable to dogs and people outside of your household.

Late arrivals Your private session reserves the pool for the time you have requested for your or your pet’s session. Each session is 30 minutes and begins at its scheduled begin time. If you and your pet arrive late, the session will be abbreviated. You or your pet will get the balance of the 30 minutes. Your prepayment will not be reduced. 

Cancellations Your prepayments for a private session reserve the pool for the scheduled time for you or your pet. PetMassage requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment so that someone else can get a session. Your prepayment will be forfeited.

Time limits Packages must be completed within 90 days from date of purchase.

Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase. They may be transferred to a 2nd party. They may not be returned for a refund.

Consent Activities conducted in water are stressful to the cardiovascular system. While this may be beneficial for toning and strengthening, it also carries the potential to be a risk to you and your dog’s health. Your well-being and the care of your pet is your responsibility. You are exercising your choices to expose yourself or your pet to these risks. By registering for a session in the PetMassage hydrotherapy pool you are making an informed decision based on your primary care physicians’ evaluations and consent, and your awareness of your and your pet’s physical limitations and releasing PetMassage Ltd, its staff, owners and officers, from any liability from the effects of exercise or the stresses to the body that you or your dog experience.


Sessions begin and end on the hour and ½ hour.

All sessions are private, by appointment and prepurchased.

Monday Pool Closed
Tuesday 11 am to 5:30 pm Reserved for Dogs
Wednesday 11 am to 2 pm Reserved for Cats
Thursday 11 am to 5:30 pm Reserved for Dogs
Friday 11 am to 5:30 pm Reserved for Dogs
Saturday 11 am to 3:30 pm Reserved for Dogs under 25 lbs. 
Sunday By Arrangement Reserved for People


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