PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage - Refresher


Welcome back!

The Refresher is an opportunity to take just the hands-on module of the workshop a second time at a reduced fee. There are no home study courses, no required research assignments and no post workshop session documentations.

PetMassage™ evolves. The content that was taught 15, 10, 5 and even 3 years ago is substantially different from what is taught now. The PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage Workshop Refresher is 5 days, Thursday-Monday.

  • Reconnect with the fundamentals.
  • “Refresh” your skills and enthusiasm.
  • Expand your practice.

Remember the excitement, the “aha” revelations, the community!

Prospective Students:

People who have completed 2002-2019 PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage workshops

Workshop Class Size Limit:


Waiting List:

If you see that the workshop you would like to attend is full, we encourage you to add your name to its waiting list. A spot may open up for you. Someone who is registered for that workshop may need to switch to another month.

Please call Beth at 800-779-1001 to register with your 1st and 2nd choices for workshop dates.


Completion of the Canine Aquatic Massage Workshop.

Objectives / Goals:

  • Review an understanding of the theory, techniques, vocabulary, culture and vision of PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage
  • Learn and review healthy body mechanics for strength, stability, stamina and enjoyment
  • Review dog handling in the context of the PetMassage™ session

Home Study Courses Included in This Workshop:


Included Materials:

Accredited By:


Before Workshop Info:


Please note, this program is held at off-site pool equipped facilities. We are currently holding workshops at:

  • PetMassage, Ltd. Toledo, Ohio

When you enroll for a program, included in your registration packet along with an email is a link to where to stay, dine, and walk your dogs for the city that the PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage Workshop will be hosted.


All practice work is done with live dogs. You will perfect your skills with several dogs. We’ll have plenty of lucky doggie volunteers available for you to work with during each program day. Everyone gets to experience a wide variety of dogs’ sizes, breeds, ages and personalities.

If you can bring your own pet, please know that your dog will have one 15-minute session every other day. The rest of your dog’s day will be spent in a crate. Crates are available; or you are welcome to bring your own crates or x-pens. Please let us know if your dog(s) have any special considerations.


Another enjoyable and rewarding workshop experience. A new version of your first PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage Workshop. Abundant opportunities for you to get individual hands-on instruction with Jonathan.


  • Support Staff: Friendly, knowledgeable staff will be available to provide assistance with workshop support, including travel, dining, and entertainment.
  • SPECIAL ON-SITE DISCOUNT! Check out the PetMassage™ products and merchandise available for purchase. During the workshop, you’ll receive a special 20% discount on all PetMassage™ items, including  the PetMassage™ Foundation Level Program & PetMassage™ Advanced Level Program.


When you attend the program please bring the following to the Canine Aquatic Massage workshop:

  • Oversized Hooded Zippered Sweatshirt
  • 2 Bathing Suits (Recommended)
  • Bathing Cap (Optional)
  • Denim Jacket & Pants OR Sturdy Wet Suit – These are worn in the water to protect your torso and legs and are required for all in pool activities. You will not be allowed in the pool without wearing one of these options. This is for your own safety. 

After Workshop Info:

Certificate of Completion Earned?


Completion Requirements:

Hands-on workshop attendance

One Certificate of Course Completion is awarded for this program:

  • Certificate of Course Completion PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage, Refresher

Continuing Education Credits (CECs) / Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Available For:

Animal Massage Practitioners, Massage Therapists (MTs)

Number of Continuing Education Credits (CECs) / Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Earned:


Summary for:

PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage, Refresher

5-day hands-on program runs Thursday-Monday, 9 AM to 4 PM. It is designed to review and refresh the fundamental set of skills working with dogs in warm water.

  • Course content is focused on form
  • body mechanics
  • safety
  • basic canine anatomy as it applies to your canine aquatic massage practice
  • applications
  • indications and contraindications
  • pools and their mechanics
  • session elements, sequences and protocols
  • assessment skills
  • legal practice
  • marketing
  • and experiencing the joy of working with dogs and fellow colleagues in and with the water.

Refresher Fee Info:

Fee: $1600.00

Register Now:

PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage,  - Refresher (1 Payment with 5% Discount)

PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage,  - Refresher (1/2 Deposit)

Ways to save:

  • Register for this workshop with a 50% deposit today, with the remainder due the week before the first day of class.
  • Or, save 5% by registering for this workshop and making one discounted payment of $1520.00.
  • IAAMB/ACWT members may save 10% with your discount, with full payment at time of registration of $1440.00. (Discounts cannot be combined.)

The Refresher is phone registration only.

To register please call or text Beth Farkas at 419-475-3539

Upcoming / Scheduled Canine Aquatic Workshops


Would You Like to Host This Program at Your Facility?

We’re happy to work with you to bring PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage, to your area! Please reach out to us via our Contact page.