Confident Dog Handling for PetMassage Practitioners Mini Workshop



While many of the dogs that are brought to you for PetMassage will be easy to work with, other dogs are seeking the benefits of PetMassage because they have a problem to “fix.” In human terms, dogs may be experiencing pain, physical and emotional. They may be recovering from physical or emotional trauma as dramatic as being hit by a car or as everyday as falling off a sofa. They may be confused and disoriented. Their blood chemistry may be out of balance. They may be experiencing the signs and symptoms of old age. They may be in post surgery rehabilitation.

For your physical and spiritual safety, and for the physical and emotional safety of the dogs you will be handling, you must understand and “speak” the language, “canine. Speak the universal language of nature…the language of yoga. Yoga is nature. Dogs eat, breathe, sleep, and speak nature. Nature is where they live. Dogs get it. They begin to respect you. They cooperate with you.

This course will help you communicate more confidently with your canine clients. Dogs are more compliant, receptive and easy to massage when you talk to them in a language they understand. The concepts and dog handling skills in this course will enable you to be more confident working with many dog breeds, temperaments, and situations.

Learn safe and appropriate ways to interact with willful, reactive, or threatening dogs during each phase of a PetMassage session.

Note: This workshop is held from 9 AM to 1 PM on the second day of each Foundation Level Program.




Confident Dog Handling for PetMassage Practitioners 

She’s an amazing dog whisperer- helped me learn ways to help my own dogs’ behavior.  And in a short time, she helped me feel more confident about my own abilities.




Monica’s professionalism and expertise completely changed my dog’s demeanor and as a result will improve my dog’s quality of life… and mine.


PetMassage Ltd.
United States

It was thrilling to see a dog with a few behavior issues immediately respond to strong leadership! I would and will recommend this course to others, and I have to say that just this one day with Monica would be worth the price of the whole course for me.

United States

I was guided how to be stronger, to use my body correctly and to demonstrate strength to my dog students. I definitely noticed shifts in my body carriage, posture and confidence.

United States

I never learned this training technique before. That was wonderful.


Monica walked in the room, very level headed, a strong leader, but with a softness, kindness about her, too. She showed us how to be leaders to keep dogs safe and happy; dogs are not effective leaders of people, we need to be effective leaders to our dogs. I loved that we were given the chance to lead a whole pack of dogs – how empowering! Thank you, Monica!

United States

I have absolutely learned that I will be inviting a bite if I continue leaning over excited dogs I don’t know. I was surprised I could own space even outside. A non-compliant dog wouldn’t follow me, and Monica said, become a leader “turn around, look at the fence, walk! No more problem.

United States

This course has professionalism, and effective and immediate feedback on the learned/practiced contents. I really appreciated Monica as a person and as a professional. Her way to teach is extremely clear and allows to picture exactly the situation. Would definitely like to be in touch and cooperate with Monica again and find this part of the workshop fundamental for the good outcome of the rest.


I was really looking forward to meeting Monica in this class and I was not disappointed in Monica or the dogs we worked with. Really happy this course is part of the curriculum.

North Carolina
United States