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Gait Way to Better Performance, PetMassage Practitioner Workshop

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Instructor: Diane Salettel, PetMassage™ Practitioner, Z-Health Trainer and Owner of the Kettlebell Studio in Chagrin Falls, OH

In the Body Mechanics workshop, you will benefit from an expert who will help you transform the way you move. When you move more comfortably you will interact with dogs with increased balance, stability and confidence.

In the PetMassage™ Body Mechanics workshop you identify where your balance and gait may need some modifications and learn science based drills that you can continue to practice to get” back in balance.” New concepts in neural- and vestibular brain science will get your body moving in grace and comfort.

Our dogs are very aware of how we are feeling. Any limp, slouch, imbalance in gait, and incomplete breath signals them that something is amiss. When you move in balance and ease, you will feel more alive. Moreover, your dog will be relieved to know that you are well and happy. The dogs you walk will entrain with your improved posture, gait and breathing.

 Note: This workshop is held on the first day of each Foundation Level Program from 1:30 pm to 5 pm.

 Fee: When taken on it's own, this workshop is $99. Register Now>>


Body and Gait Mechanics for PetMassage™ Practitioners Workshop Testimonials 

Diane provides a cutting-edge seminar that is useful for performance, everyday living and a means to provide preventative health.


Katherine K.

I never realized just how significant breathing and my walking pattern is to maintaining a healthy life style both physically and emotionally.


I never knew that we can alter how our muscles can be trained. Almost mind blowing how such simple movements create better outcomes.

South Carolina

Practical exercises. Individual attention. Fascinating information, very interesting. I loved it.


The immediate difference I could feel in myself and see in my cohorts. My back and knee both feel better and I already feel more confident and comfortable just with increasing my mindfulness of my breathing and walking.

United States

I enjoyed all exercises and results.

My gait improved. I knew I walked funny and had pain with right knee. After I changed my center and focused on inner feet I walk taller and the pain was gone. My gait also effected how my dogs walk on a leach.

United States

Practicing the connection of each body part to the other and seeing the difference gait makes.  Actually, I didn’t have the expectation about how much I needed this – so excited. Also, I learned why this workshop was important while working on dogs, and also how much I need to get in tune with my own body.

United States

I was pleased with examples and exercises to make a change, showing why it’s important, the format of explaining then demonstrating and having us do it. Very powerful material presented in a non-threatening way. We all did the exercise and observed each other but didn’t feel critical.

United States