Request for donations for new indoor PetMassage hydrotherapy pool.


I’m requesting small favor from you. If you are comfortable donating $5, $10, $25, or more, please help us fund the installation of the new PetMassage hydrotherapy pool.

The new pool will be installed in the PetMassage school/clinic in Toledo Ohio and will be a valuable training, and wellness resource for area dogs who

  • need exercise to burn off excess enthusiasm
  • are athletes
  • are rehabbing from injuries or surgery
  • have joint stiffness
  • need to lose weight
  • are in hospice.

It will also be the state-of-the-art pool for Canine Aquatic PetMassage vocational training workshops.

Our goal is $40,000. That’s the amount we need to prepare the PetMassage building and install the pool. Please help us. We’d like to install the pool January, 2021. That’s just 2 months from now!

I invite you to learn more about the PetMassage Natatorium.

Here’s a [link] to a PDF you can download that describes the pool project.

If you are uncomfortable opening these links, please call, text, or email me. We’d be happy to talk to you and mail information about the PetMassage pool project to you.

When you donate your $5, $10, $25 on our website at [link] your name or company will be inscribed as a sponsor on the wall of the PetMassage Natatorium. Or choose from one of our 6 gift categories.

There is a running total of the amount raised on the website. Please follow it with us to watch it grow.

Thank you.

We wish Happy Healthy Holidays to you and your pets.

Jonathan Rudinger
PetMassage Institute
2950 Douglas Road
Toledo Ohio 43606
Call or text 01.419.475.3539

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