How to Massage My Senior Dog, Elements of Style and Full Body PetMassage Sequence [Book]

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Title: How to Massage My Senior Dog, Elements of Style and Full Body PetMassage™ Sequence [Book]

Author: Jonathan C. Rudinger


Senior dogs make up the largest part of Jonathan Rudinger’s canine massage practice. They need massage. Massage helps them rediscover the balance and function that determines their quality of life. In this book, Jonathan draws on over 20 years of experience to offer you the instruction you need to learn the hands-on PetMassage™ canine massage skills. Learn to massage your dog. Learn the elements of style and the rationale for every technique so that you will know what you are doing when you can give your dog a great long-lasting full body massage.

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  • Number of Pages: 196
  • Publisher: PetMassage Media
    • Edition: 1st Edition
    • Date of Publication: 2018
  • ISBN-10: 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9962954-1-3


How to Massage My Senior Dog, Elements of Style and Full Body PetMassage™ Sequence
Jonathan Rudinger, LMT, RN. Founder and instructor PetMassage Training and Research Institute

The majority of the dogs that I work with in my PetMassage™ practice are older. These are the dogs whose human parents have noticed were experiencing challenges in their lives.

Physically, these dogs are dealing with the same issues that we humans have as we age: persistent aches and pains, arthritis, weakness, fatigue, malaise, obesity, reduced hearing and seeing, reduced skin integrity, warts, scabs, and barnacles, digestive problems, elimination problems, and respiration that is too shallow. With all this going on, it is small wonder that their dogs are dealing with alterations in socialization, body mechanics and self-image.

PetMassage™ addresses all of these behaviors by putting them in the context of balance and flow. When there is an area or body part that is out of balance, the entire dog is out of balance. When there is inadequate or excessive flow, the entire body is affected.

There are many added benefits when the body is functioning harmoniously and well. We see improved condition of overall health. We are restoring balance and integrity to dogs’ organs and organ systems.

Your dog’s body is happier. Your dog is happier in his body.

PetMassage™ is a way to observe your dog’s body and support its natural tendency toward rebalancing, self-healing abilities.

To give your dog the gift of PetMassage™, is to reward him/her for a lifetime of companionship and friendship.
If you accept the premises that Most diseases and dysfunctional behaviors are caused by stress, and PetMassage™ induces relaxation and reduces stress, you’ll see how PetMassage™ works.
I invite you to learn and practice the skills described in this book. Use them to help your senior dog rediscover his inner puppy. Let’s PetMassage™ your dog and optimize his/her balance and flow within their physical limits.

Thank you for your trust and choosing to use PetMassage™ to help your dog.

–Jonathan Rudinger

Here is the Table of Contents

Introduction viii
Disclaimer xii
Senior Dog PetMassage™ 1
Movement 2
Golden Retriever Moves Slowly and Limps 3
Movement IS Essential 12

Massage Affects the Organs 14
Lola’s story 28
Benefits of PetMassageTM 39
Regenerative Healing 42
Pet-centeredness 2.0 47
Observing, Reacting, Using PetMassage™ Skills 48

Rewards, But No food Treats 50
Reversing Physical Conditions 52
Five, Make That Seven R’s 54
Intention 56
Body Awareness 57
Witnessing 59

Cycle of Aging 60
The Skills and Elements of SDPM 62
• Acknowledging the Dog 63
• Observation 66
• Honoring the Sentience of the Dog 68
• Body Language 70

• Aromas 75
• Touch 79
• Vectoring 83
• Compression 91
• Joint Mobilization 94
• Missing or Compromised Limbs 101

• Stroking 102
• Rates of Movement 108
• Qualities of movement (patterns) 110
• 3 Directions: With the Lay of the Hair, Against it, and Across it 112
• Assessment strokes 115
• Scratching 118

• Stretching of Skin, Fascia and Joints 123
• Rocking 129
• Percussion 135
• Contraindications for Cupping 138
• Grounding 139
• Post SDPM Shake 143

Complete Senior Dog PetMassageTM Sequence 144
Before you begin The PetMassage™ 148
Begin the PetMassage™ for Your Senior Dog 150
Dogs, After Your Senior PetMassage™ Session 166
Contraindications, Contra-contraindications 167

Personalized Help for Dog Owners 168
Thoughts and Suggestions for Additional Training 171
PetMassage™ Media, Instruction Opportunities 174
About the Author 176
Index 180

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1 review for How to Massage My Senior Dog, Elements of Style and Full Body PetMassage Sequence [Book]

  1. Beth Yerrick

    Oh, Jonathan! The book is engaging, easy to follow and blends philosophy and action amazingly! The illustrations are will chosen and helpful. The index should be a model of what easy access to info is all about. I’ve just started it (after bouncing around taking in all kinds of bits and pieces) and have already learned so much more.
    Beth Yerrick, The Dog Dive in Kalamazoo.

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