PetMassage for Dogs 1 & 2 DVD Set



PetMassage for Dogs, 2-DVD set

Are you looking for a resource to show you how to massage dogs? Here are 2 hours of enjoyable instruction in which you are shown how to do it! This is the immersive instruction that you cannot get following the illustrations in a book. These are skills you must see in action to be able to replicate them.

In addition to the manual skills, these videos relate the heartfelt passion and depth of intentionality that make PetMassage for Dogs so valuable, so beneficial, and so enjoyable and rewarding to give.

This is the same 2-DVD set that is included in the texts that PetMassage students study while preparing for the PetMassage Foundation Level Workshop.

We are confident that you will find value here. These are instructional videos for a complex set of hands-on skills. You will want to watch them again and again. And, as our students testify, you will see and learn more and more each time you watch them.

PetMassage for Dogs, DVD #1

With his Teaching Assistant, Standard Poodle, Jacques-a-Poodle- Doo, PetMassage founder and instructor, Jonathan Rudinger demonstrates the foundation level instruction of canine massage.

In this video, you learn these hands-on skills:

  • hand positions
  • body language
  • body mechanics
  • massage touch
  • stroking
  • and scratching.

The techniques in this lesson will show you how to give your dog a professional quality massage at home. Learn the how’s and why’s of massage that make it so beneficial for dogs. This lesson concludes with a magical demonstration of Jonathan giving Jacques a full body PetMassage session.

Run time: 60 minutes


PetMassage for Dogs, DVD #2

Jonathan and his talented and lovely boxer, Teaching Assistant Lola Ginabrigida, take you to the next level of training with a 2nd enjoyable hour of canine massage training.

In this video you learn about
canine body language

  • body mechanics used in massage
  • the effects of variations of pressure, direction, and rate of movement in canine massage
  • the techniques of rocking and rolling
  • the role of intentionality
  • fascia
  • the Chase Reflex and the role it plays in canine massage.
  • and the phenomenon of the healing crisis.

Run time: 60 minutes

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1.25 in


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