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Canine aquatic massage and underwater treadmills

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy was the topic this week on Dr Karen Becker’s blog on the Healthy Pets Mercola website. Karen discusses aquatic therapy from the perspective of her holistic veterinary practice. Her subtitle: Soothes Sore Joints and Muscles, a Godsend for Injured or Obese Pets. I’d like to add my perspective to her…

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PetMassage for Active and Athletic Dogs

PetMassage for Active and Athletic Dogs Optimizing function is the name of the game. That’s what canine massage does. The dogs appreciate what we do. Their owners, handlers, trainers, and vets do, too. PetMassage is an appropriate and beneficial therapeutic practice for Active and sport dogs. These athletes have had tremendous success when they the get…

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Dog With Issues With Men Triggers Observation

A Male Practitioner With Female Clients I am told that I project an energy and quality of presence that people and dogs are comfortable with. Dogs and people are easygoing with me and we usually join up readily. I do not force my will on them. I work with dogs and their owners, encouraging them…

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