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TCVM Tongue Assessment and Pulse Palpation for Canine Massage One Day Workshop

Tongue Analysis and TCVM Pulse Palpation
One day workshop

Open to PetMassage students and graduates of other canine massage schools.

How much do you know about TCVM, Traditional Chinese Medicine? Do you know how to apply aspects of TCVM in your dog massage?

Acupressure points and meridians are not all there is to know in the complex practice of TCVM. Two of the Four Pillars of TCVM Diagnosis are Tongue Assessment and Pulse Palpation. We are thrilled to offer this one-day class focusing on these two techniques.

Would you like to look at your dog’s tongue and use what you see in your assessment and application of massage. You can when you know what to look for!

Would you like to be able to get a real time validation of how the dog is processing your massage? You can get the feedback you need by reading the textures of pulses!

Instructor: Eva Groesbeck, DVM, CVA, CVCHM Eva has taken the PetMassage WaterWork workshop. Her approach and our philosophy are highly simpatico. I recently attended one of her lectures and am very impressed with her knowledge, skills and ability to clearly explain and teach TCVM.

The skills Eva will teach will perfectly complement the PetMassage™ Advanced Level  curriculum. These are skills you will apply in every canine massage!

This workshop will be offered Sunday, the day before our 5-day PetMassage™ Advanced  Level Workshops.

The fee for this class is just $200 (10% less for IAAMB/ACWT members). You may register for it independently or as an add-on (recommended) to the PetMassage™ Advanced Level Workshop.

Meet Dr. Eva

Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology, University of Michigan-Dearborn, 2001
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Michigan State University, 2005
  • Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA), International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, 2012
  • Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine, College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies, 2014
  • Teaching Associate (TA) for International Veterinary Acupuncture Society; Portland Oregon, 2014/2015
  • Mentor for students of veterinary acupuncture, International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, Portland Oregon, 2015 and February 2018.
  • Food Therapy Practitioner, Chi Institute, 2015
  • Master Level Reiki Practitioner, 2015
  • Functional Indirect Animal Normalization Techniques Osteopathic Approach for Small Animals Basic and Advanced courses, 2016
  • Acutonics Practitioner, 2017
  • Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, 2017
  • WaterWork Canine Aquatic Massage, PetMassage, 2017
  • Advanced Acupuncture and TCVM Diagnostics Skills, Chi Institute, 2017
  • Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Certification, currently enrolled.
  • Author of several published case reports and articles pertaining to Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Holistic Veterinary Medicine

My Journey:

Animals have always been my friends; they have also been some of my greatest teachers.  They have taught me about love, patience, loss, communication, responsibility, trust, healing and rebirth.  I can’t imagine my life without their kinship, and it is this connection to them, that keeps me ever evolving as a practitioner and healer.  I am eternally grateful to them, for all the gifts they have shared with me during my journey so far.  It is my sincere wish that all my patients receive the healing they so deserve.  Animals bless our lives in so many ways, and I do this work in hopes of returning some of those blessings back to them.

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