That light in the tunnel.

That light in the tunnel.

That light in the tunnel is not an oncoming train. It’s sunshine. Canine massage may very well be in your future. Register for the PetMassage Foundation Level Program and initiate the plan for your leave taking from your corporate nightmare.

I had an uncomfortable conversation about life in the corporate world. Competent and enthusiastic people who, having been passed over for promotions, felt deflated. They described their feelings as being “betrayed.”

These were people who always showed up. They excelled in their work. Enthusiastically attended extra training. Handled additional responsibilities not included in their job descriptions. Performed their duties, plus. But because of conflicting management agendas, the employees were crosschecked. Redirected from the career tracts they were on. Shunted like empty railroad box cars onto side tracks.

It’s a helpless feeling of being stuck even though in your eyes you’ve done everything right. Now, there’s less incentive to show up, to put in the extra effort. And, even though they were thrilled to be so on purpose doing what they were doing a week ago, now, to preserve self-esteem they are considering making some radical career decisions.

This is not the first time I’ve heard this story. Big corporations are complex mixes of people, personalities, agendas, behind the scenes maneuvering, intrigue, et al. I have swum in those seas. Lived and breathed the management drama. Felt the pleasure and the pain. Experienced the elation and the despair. It was exhausting. Stressful. Addictive. Unhealthy.

We can reboot and default back to tracking our own bliss. We can manifest joy, contentment, and self-appreciation working on personal growth and our original goals, helping dogs.

I am so happy to be out of that corporate life. I live and work and revel and prosper in the small business world of the independent canine massage entrepreneur and teacher. I, with my small group of like-minded, like intentioned colleagues, make my own rules, set my own hours, make my own decisions, am able to work true to my own scope of ethical behavior toward my clients and with each other. I get to do what I am passionate about; and that is helping dogs and their owners, teaching others how to professionally massage dogs, and practicing my creativity producing videos and writing books and these blogs.

Does this sound like the life that you would like? Canine massage can be in your future. You can start now. Register for the PetMassage Foundation Level Program to learn and practice dry canine massage and/or the PetMassage Canine Aquatic Massage to learn canine massage in a heated swimming pools. And we can arrange a monthly payment plan for you.  Decide now to initiate your leave-taking from your corporate nightmare. That light in the tunnel is not an oncoming train. It’s sunshine. Or better yet, it’s the glow reflected from the tapetum lucidum membrane in dogs eyes.


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