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Dogs and their people are happier and healthier with PetMassage

The Gait Way to Better Performance Workshop is offered at The PetMassage School.

The Gait Way to Better Performance Workshop is offered at The PetMassage School.

Create your healthier body with the Gait Way to Better Performance techniques.

One of the PetMassage workshops taught during the PetMassage Foundation Level Program is the Gait Way to Better Performance for the PetMassage practitioner/student.  It is a four hour lecture/interaction workshop whose focus is on teaching the canine massage practitioner a system of body mechanics/gait exercises.  This practice helps the person become more comfortable in their bodies and therefore, when dogs are being massaged, they feel the comfort too.

The course is taught by Diane Salettel. Diane is a gifted and experienced Z-Health Practitioner. Z-Health is an amazing new bodywork system that integrates many fields of science: from neuroscience to physical therapy to orthopedics. Diane has specialized training to identify patterns in our body and movement and teach brain-based exercises we can use to correct – and enhance – our lives. In this workshop, that’s what she does. She addresses more than mechanical movement. She also works on the filters: eyesight, hearing, speech, focus, balance, proprioception, flexibility and strength. These are all important for our overall well-being.

The system of improving gait and balance, learning how to correct the way I use my body, has been a true blessing to heal my body. I have used many other modalities to help correct body issues and I keep returning to Diane’s method of neural plasticity based Z-Health exercises.

The body issues I have, or have already healed with Diane’s, Z-Health guidance is as follows, from head to toes:

  • eyesight
  • gum disease/diminished roots of teeth
  • balance
  • breathing
  • left swollen wrist/hand
  • left sore hip through side of knee
  • bladder control

 Comfort. Balance. Safe in your body. Would you like your body to feel this way? You can, in this workshop at the PetMassage School.  

There are three ways to participate in the Gait Way to Better Performance Workshop:

  1. Enroll in the PetMassage Foundation Level Program.  The Gait Way to Better Performance workshop is on the first day.
  1. Enroll in the PetMassage Foundation Level Workshop Refresher (if you have already attended the Foundation Level Program in the past)
  1. Enroll in the Gait Way to Better Performance workshop by itself.

Yes, I am delighted doing my Z-Health exercises every day. I feel and see great results in my life.  Every body part I listed above has either healed completely or in process of doing so.  I believe in the exercises I am doing.  I feel better and look better. Because my strength and stability are better, I am able to connect with our dogs more comfortably and confidently, whether I’m massaging them, walking them or just sitting with them.

I often hear from other “seniors” that I am this age, so therefore it will take forever to heal.  I do not agree with that statement. You can change your life. The exercises I learned in this workshop truly work.

I ask you to consider helping yourself and take the Gait Way to Better Performance workshop. This is a gift you can give yourself. It truly works.



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