The new heated indoor pool for canine aquatic PetMassage and dog/cat swim is open!

Thank you for everyone who supported the construction of this pool and natatorium with your generous donations.

The heated indoor pool in the PetMassage School will be used for dogs to swim in, exercise in, and experience massage.

All dogs -- even those who are not natural swimmers -- benefit with exercising in therapeutic warm water.

Aquatic exercise increases dogs':

  • flexibility
  • muscle tone
  • coordination
  • speed
  • and strength.

Canine athletes need body toning and wellness maintenance.

Older and hospice dogs enjoy warm water massage.

Partially paralyzed dogs receive non-weight bearing activities to restore strength and confidence.

Injured dogs receive sessions by referral of dogs’ veterinarians.

Obese dogs swim to lose weight.

High energy dogs. What do you do with your active dogs during our long cold winters? Is their primary exercise going for a car ride? Get them in the pool!

Therapeutic swim exercise is clean, fun and safe.  All swim sessions will be private and by reservation. All dogs are closely monitored for fatigue and comfort.

It’s great exercise. There is a lot more going on than dogs getting wet. They are using their bodies – their muscles -- in ways that are very different from their everyday activities. 

The PetMassage indoor heated therapy pool will serve the exercise and rehab needs of dogs in the Toledo, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan region throughout the year.

And, there’s more.

Canine Aquatic Massage is the perfect non-weight bearing experience for dogs with:

  • arthritis
  • spinal compression
  • shoulder
  • hip
  • hock
  • and paw issues.

During aquatic massage, dogs experience gentle flexion and extension when their body is moved through the warm water. Muscles literally float away from bones.

Can you see how your dogs will benefit with swim exercise and canine aquatic massage?

There are additional services that we can now offer:

Jonathan now offers Aquatic Massage for People as well as Myofascial Massage

Anastasia now offers aquatic massage/toning for people.

Wish list of additional items you can donate. Thank you.

  • boogie boards
  • digital dog scale
  • pneumatic grooming table
  • Air Force hair dryer
  • Home Pet Spa dog bathing system
  • Rubber Flooring (Thank you - Kim Holmes, ADAI)

To gift any of these, please contact Beth at Call or text: 419-475-3539

Thank you. Anastasia and Jonathan appreciate any contribution you can give.

Please contribute whatever your heart tells you to.