The PetMassage Foundation Level Workshop.

The PetMassage Foundation Level Workshop.

  • New workshop model
  • Increasing its breadth and depth
  • Expanding the workshop experience
  • Reducing the fees for repeating practitioners.

New PetMassage workshop model

Recently, Anastasia and I attended a body mechanics workshop. The stated intention of the people who were giving the workshop was that they were going to change the practice of physical therapy and personal physical training.

That’s a powerful statement of intention. They know that their specific techniques to affect movement and processing skills is benefiting many people. And, when this method is eventually integrated with currently advocated training protocols, it will help the lives of many more. 

Their enthusiasm is contagious. They are passionate about practicing it. Passionate about promoting it.

I texted a practitioner friend saying I’d just taken the introductory level body mechanics workshop. Her first question was “Are you hooked (yet)?”

Mostly repeaters

While we were at this workshop of 40-plus mostly personal trainers, we noted that less than half of the attendees were first timers. The rest had taken this same introductory workshop 2, 3, 4 or more times.

The returning students, hearing things repeated for the second and third time, were learning the same content; albeit on deeper levels of comprehension. Comprehension, that can only be achieved with experience.

The best ways to become proficient at something is to hear it, observe it, practice it, and teach it. The best way to reinforce your proficiency is with repetition. “Here, let me show you how that’s done. Now, let me coach you.”

The questions asked were authentic; based on real situations with real live people who needed help correcting real life conditions. The whole class took on a professional, pragmatic energy. Everyone at this workshop benefited. As they learned more, they helped and encouraged each other, along with those of us new to the training.

Learning is part of the practice. 

Everyone is encouraged to continuously enhance, refine, and work with people with more experience to add to the scope of their skills. They refine their practice by repeating their training workshops. And the sharing of their stories of victories cultivates the buzz of excitement, vitality, and tribal enthusiasm. We were motivating each other. 

We all worked together. The first timers, those who were hearing the content again, and the very experienced trainers. We adhered into a tribe. A tribe with the vision of a work that is immeasurably valuable and which will change the world.

Anastasia and I loved it. This sharing support for group enhancement is now the new model for PetMassage workshops.

We know that PetMassage can change the face of dog care in the United States and the rest the world, as well. It already has. PetMassage has improved the lives of thousands of people (trained practitioners and their clients) and hundreds of thousands of dogs. And that’s just the beginning. There is a worldwide population of dogs. There is a worldwide population of people who love dogs, who are passionate about helping dogs, whose lives will benefit with PetMassage. The potential to do good is enormous.

Revitalize, refresh, renew your passion and PetMassage practice.

Change is natural and normal. We’re all for intuitive development. And, there is great value in revisiting the original instruction. 

Where is the value to revisiting passages of prose, poetry, and music in their original versions again and again? Do you go to yoga, dance, and tai chi classes and have long term coaches in them? Each revisit is different because how we do something is a direct reflection of our journey and where we are in our life and times.

There are times when body mechanics need to be corrected.

It is the same with PetMassage for dogs training. Our current practice is based on our current level of experience. And, you’ve been out here, on your own, doing your own thing, for quite a while.

Are you still practicing the PetMassage you learned? Or, has your practice morphed into something else? Do you think you might have developed ways of “getting it done” that may not be as efficient or effective as those you learned at the PetMassage School? And, when your new patterns became habits, is it possible they may have shifted into other, even less recognizable patterns?

Welcome home.

We invite everyone who has taken the PetMassage Foundation Level workshop to come back for a booster. Reconnect with your fundamentals.

The fee for the Refresher workshop is now only $100. Your fee helps defray our costs for your study materials and the expert trainers that we now bring in to expand your workshop experience.

Conspire to inspire

We welcome you to any Foundation workshop. Share your experiences. Share your questions. Refresh, remember, restore, and refine your skills. Enhance your own practice as you join Diane, Monica, Anastasia, me, and other experienced practitioners working with The PetMassage Foundation Level Workshop. beginners just entering the field.

Actively rejoin the PetMassage tribe. Let’s pull together to change the practice of pet care and enhance the quality of life for dogs.



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