Transitions Canine Massage: Sacred Rite

Transitions Canine Massage: Sacred Rite

A transition is any shift from one life -energetic – experience to another. Massage assists dogs in any transition. When dogs are experiencing a change in their lives that is stressing them, they get tremendous benefit with massage.

Examples of lifestyle changes could be

  • moving to a new city or neighborhood and adjusting to new scents and surroundings
  • Change in family dynamics: people and other pets
  • New exercise routine, diet
  • You’ve changed: work schedule, friends, partners, even your essential oils.

Examples of age-related lifestyle changes

  • Slowing down
  • Gaining weight
  • Not joining in the play at the dog park
  • Old age related conditions, like arthritis, diabetes, weight gain

All benefit with wellness maintenance and that includes massage.

The most difficult and confusing change is the final one, death. The Transitions massage can help dogs and their people during this process. Let’s see how.

Transitions massage can only enhance your dog. Every moment is a transition to a new experience. It is always helpful because it is the sharing of a love story. It’s like sitting with my parents reviewing family albums. It reinforces the love, the bond.

This is an intentional pause including the life enhancing attributes of massage, to share memories, review good times together. And sometimes it’s a way to ease into the awkward and painful process of saying a loving goodbye.

This is a powerful massage as a dog approaches his end of life.

This is an energy massage. A massage of the emotions, the mind, the spirit. slow movements. It’s a spiritual moving meditation. The massage is performed as if it were a sacred rite, a ritual.

Setting the scene

  • Begin by smudging the space, cleansing the ether. You can use a sage smudge stick à la the Native American traditions. Or, I like to use a single tap of a little meditation bell.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Express the scent of you being happy and feeling love and comfort.
  • Settle your dog on her favorite blanket so she is nesting in her most pleasing aromas.
  • Play soft gentle music. The music is background that allows you space to open the pores of your mind to incoming thoughts and feelings.

Begin with

  • A laying on of hands connection. Breathe and observe your heart rate slow.
  • Apply Assessment strokes to bring her awareness to her body.
  • Open the energy body slicing through the space around her body with your fingers.
  • Splay it open.
  • Place your hands on the dog and breathe.

This is the time for quiet reflection. It’s an empathetic sharing of memories. Love. It is comforting. It is a celebration of simple inconsequential moments that make up the continuum of your loving relationship.

Share. Validate. Enjoy.

Share the moments. Share the love. Share the memories.

When you are complete, zip up the Ch’i envelop, ground the dog with smoothing strokes and take a few minutes to sit quietly with your dog.


In the taping of the YouTube video, I demonstrated the Transitions massage with Camille. Afterwards, and for the following 2 days, she was a Velcro dog. Camille refused to leave my side. She kept staring at me, sharing thoughts and feelings: sharing stories. The dam was open. The current was strong. I remain overwhelmed with the intensity of love and appreciation she projected. We are two fortunate critters!

Calls to Action:

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If you would like to take the home study course and get Continuing Education credit for learning and facilitating the Transitions massage: here’s the link:

Watch the Transitions Massage video on the PetMassage Training & Research Institute YouTube Channel to discover how this massage form was first discovered.

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