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Dogs and their people are happier and healthier with PetMassage

Website Redesign

Massage the message

The website is fresh and new.

Too much of a good thing

As a writer, I love words. Lots of words. Often too many words. I want to let everyone who shows an interest in what I am so passionate about, to be able to read as much as they want. Sarah, our new web designer was very delicate when she critiqued me. I think I took it very well. It is the same lesson I relearn each time I enter a pâtisserie, pastry shop. (Shout out to Pauline and Theolinda.) Too much of a good thing can be really uncomfortable. It is also the disconcertingly clever name of a low cost spay/neuter clinic for cats in Littlestown, PA. Too Much of a Good Thing, indeed!

Eyes of a 20-something sees the internet differently

Sarah is our web designer and editor. She has introduced us to WordPress. She’s organized and streamlined our message. She challenged me to rewrite every paragraph. So I did. Now you can navigate the entire site more easily. And, if you want additional information about PetMassage™ workshops, home-study courses, products and events, you can just “click the link,” email, or call Beth at the school.

World class website for world class school

I invite you to visit us and check out our leaner, smarter look. I think you’ll like our new look and style. The hands-on, on-site workshops haven’t changed. They are still filled with just the right amount of words for your listening pleasure and a world class educational experience. We’re still PetMassage. The message hasn’t changed; just the messenger.

Your website reflects you and your practice

It took a long time for us to realize what we needed and find the right person to help us. Until now, we have never had a designer describe for us how some words are more search engine friendly than others. I hadn’t thought to check if “dog massage” is a more findable phrase than “canine massage?” It is! For twenty years we’ve been touting the high falutin “canine massage” instead of the people’s choice, “dog massage.”

I encourage you to hire a second pair of eyes, young ones with professional insight, to review your website, especially if it hasn’t been updated for awhile. You’ve evolved. Your website is a reflection of you and your practice. So, your website needs to mature with you.

PetMassage™, dog massage, (see, an old dog massage-er can learn new tricks) will be your example. See how clean and attractive everything looks? See how easy it is to learn about and register for workshops? Hint. Hint. Nudge. Nudge.

Assistance for your Dog Massage practice, right when you need it

Need some guidance and encouragement? We offer the Creating & Marketing Your Animal Massage Business [PetMassage™ Home Study Course].

IAAMB/ACWT members receive a 5% discount

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  1. Ilaria D'Alessio on February 15, 2017 at 4:46 PM

    My compliments for your new website, I really like it. All information is immediately available and clear. Well done!!!!!

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