Dogs and their people are happier and healthier with PetMassage

Your PetMassage Franchise School!

Your PetMassage Franchise School!

Own the franchise that trains students to create careers and businesses massaging dogs.

Another way to put this is: Train students to create canine massage careers in your own PetMassage Franchise School.

The future of dog care includes canine massage.

The future of dog care embraces canine massage.

Train canine massage professionals to massage dogs!


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About PetMassage™ Franchise…


PetMassage™ Training and Research Institute provides vocational training to its students so they can create careers and businesses massaging dogs. PetMassage™ is a well-respected pioneer in the canine massage and body work industry. Since 1997, they have held hundreds of workshops and helped thousands of students create new businesses, following their passions to help dogs, by practicing the art of PetMassage™ for dogs.

Based in Toledo, Ohio, The PetMassage™ Training and Research Institute is a complete school. It publishes original training materials, offers home study courses, and specializes in several competency levels of hands-on, on-site workshops. In a hands-on trade, one-on-one instruction is essential for success. Experienced professionals enable students to learn the philosophy and manual skills of canine massage correctly and offer continuing support to those who want to practice PetMassage™ professionally.

PetMassage™ systems and inventory procedures have been developed to manage and strengthen the operating model. They are easily adapted and duplicated in new markets for Franchise schools.

Most areas have a need for a PetMassage™ service offerings and would be able to sustain a franchise location.


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