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Your PetMassage Franchise School

Your PetMassage Franchise School

On July 11, 1997, Jonathan Rudinger had a vision. It was recognizing the value and potential of canine massage. He was filming a demonstration of equine massage for a TV show. The horse he was massaging fell asleep, standing very still; no longer interesting to film. His interviewer noticed an old farm dog lying in the shadows of a barn, turned to the camera and declared, “Dogs get stiff backs. Jonathan massages dogs, too.” Jonathan recalls, “I held the dog’s head in my hands. As his eyes rolled back and his tongue lolled out to one side, I saw a clear vision. It was like focusing on the beam of light from one star in the night sky. A singular bandwidth of energy in an infinitely broad range of information. A vector of potential possibilities. I recognized a need. It was an opportunity to make a mark on our culture.  I saw dogs helped with massage. Smiling dog faces. Thousands of happy dog owners. Thousands of allied veterinarians. Thousands of canine massage practitioners. I saw the books and videos we’d create, the workshops, the PetMassage School, the PetMassage Franchise Schools.”

The vision that Jonathan saw in that flash of clarity is being realized. Now, with more than 20 years of experience and preparation, PetMassage is on the cusp of going mainstream.

We are pioneers in the canine massage field. We teach only canine massage. At the PetMassage school, we have helped thousands of dogs, taught thousands of people to massage their own dogs and trained thousands of people to become professional canine massage practitioners. This, all from one location in Toledo Ohio!

PetMassage is known for training canine massage practitioners. These are people who share your passion to help dogs. With our training they return home and create successful businesses massaging dogs. As a franchisee, you will earn more income in a single workshop than you could in months of tending to the needs of your individual canine clients.

There are huge differences between the back rub you get from your partner and a professional therapeutic massage. The best massages are given by people who are trained. You can see in the videos on our YouTube Channel that there is a lot more involved to massage than petting dogs. Our vision is to have PetMassage schools with instructors that we’ve trained and continue to mentor, in every region of the US and around the world. The characteristics that we are looking for in a franchisee are passion, commitment, willingness to learn, and who persistently strive for personal development.

Canine massage is such a powerful way to help all dogs; at every stage and condition of their lives. The trainers and handlers of sport dogs see it. The veterinary rehab community sees it. More and more dog owners are realizing that massage helps their dogs find balance and comfort throughout their lives. You see it too. That’s why you are investigating the PetMassage Franchise opportunity.

There is an impending demand for canine massage practitioners. Someone needs to position themselves to train these people. With over 20 years of teaching experience, PetMassage has the developed curricula, the systems for school management and marketing. PetMassage has the history, the credibility, the brand recognition.

It is essential to begin with a strong foundation and have continuing help, support, and guidance throughout the life of your school. These are the reasons to invest in a franchise. The franchise model is a proven way to ensure business longevity and success.

You could open your own school; however, starting from scratch is daunting. You’d have to train to learn the manual skills, and study canine anatomy, physiology, pathology, canine behavior and teaching methods well enough to be able to teach them, contextualized for canine massage. You’d have to develop texts, curricula, find and modify a location, develop office systems, and customer service and human resource protocols. There’s the website, the legal issues, and marketing you need to figure out how to plan, implement, and manage. There is a lot involved in creating and managing a school. Most startups that begin without any structured support fail within the first year.

We invite you to review testimonials from our students. In addition to the happiness and fulfillment you will bring to dogs and their owners, consider the joy and personal validation you will feel, training new practitioners and enabling them to fulfill their career dreams.

Our reputation only grows when you are successful. For your growth and success, and the benefit of your students and canine clients, train with PetMassage; and own and teach at your own PetMassage Franchise School in your home town.

Get in early and train the next generation of canine massage practitioners. Learn more about the Franchise program. your investment, training, and potential, all on our website.

Contact Jonathan Rudinger, the founder and instructor of PetMassage to find out more about owning and teaching at your PetMassage Franchise School.

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