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Career Training Workshops

Help more dogs and their people as a Certified Aquatic PetMassage Practitioner. Follow your bliss as an occupation with Hands-on, On-site programs:


Home Study/Continuing Education

The Fundamentals of the Practice of Canine Massage on-site, hands-on workshop has been discontinued.

You can still learn canine massage with original PetMassage books, DVDs, charts and YouTube video lessons. These will guide you as you learn the fundamentals of canine massage. The books, DVDs and charts were the reference material for the workshop curricula.

Continuing education is essential for your work to be more comprehensive and effective. Enhance and expand your PetMassage practice with original PetMassage books, charts, and these PetMassage home study courses.

PetMassage home study courses earn Continuing Education Units for Massage Therapists and Animal Massage Practitioners.

Jonathan's Helpful Hints, Af-firmations, and Student Research Papers

Like an eclipse, the shade beneath my hand creates a noticeable difference in temperature. It’ll be a couple of degrees of immediate shift.

By Jonathan Rudinger | April 12, 2024

I’m happy, healthy, and youthing when I am doing what I love.

By Jonathan Rudinger | March 20, 2024

Now is the perfect time to learn the aquatic PetMassage skills that will enhance dogs’ quality of life.

By Jonathan Rudinger | March 15, 2024

My spirit soars when I enable dogs enjoy themselves in the pool.

By Jonathan Rudinger | March 8, 2024

I love myself for being who I am and doing what I do.

By Jonathan Rudinger | March 1, 2024

I am making the best decisions for my future. My education and training choices help me discover my spectacular possibilities.

By Jonathan Rudinger | February 23, 2024

During each Aquatic PetMassage the dogs pet-parent and I join in affirming the dog’s experience is about perfect harmony.

By Jonathan Rudinger | February 15, 2024

I share the epicenter of my senior dogs’ world. With Aquatic PetMassage every moment of our lives is better.

By Jonathan Rudinger | February 7, 2024

I can easily see how aquatic massage helps dogs in both body and mind.

By Jonathan Rudinger | January 31, 2024

I so appreciate the many ways dogs enhance the quality of my life … I enhance theirs with canine aquatic massage.

By Jonathan Rudinger | January 24, 2024

I am sensitive and responsive to the needs of my clients and their people, during each stage of their healing process.

By Jonathan Rudinger | January 18, 2024

Every time I enhance a dog’s quality of life with aquatic massage, I share their sensation of bliss.

By Jonathan Rudinger | January 10, 2024

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