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Save on Foundation and Advanced Level Workshops: 20% off and FREE Shipping (inside the USA)

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Happy Holiday Sale

Today through January 2nd

Save on All Home Study Courses: 20% off and FREE Shipping (inside the USA)  


Happy Holiday Sale

Today through January 2nd

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PetMassageTM is a pioneer and leader in the pet care industry for canine massage training. 

Aspiring canine massage practitioners from all over the world choose PetMassageTM.




The Next Foundation Level Workshop date is February 16-20, 2017

The Next Advanced Level Workshop is May 18-22, 2017

(Prerequisite: Completion of Foundation level)

The Next PetMassageTM WaterWork Workshop is March 13-16, 2017 in Kalamazoo, MI


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12-7-2016The immune system, Lymphatic movement and PetMassage

The immune system  

The immune system protects dogs from all sorts of invaders. The skin and coat are the innate portions of the immune system. These are their first lines of defense. The skin and coat protection is nonspecific, providing protection from many foreign invaders. The adaptive […]”Read the rest of this newsletter and how it relates the PetMassage message here





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    PetMassage students submit original papers on canine anatomy, physiology, behavior, bodywork, and energywork. These are all available FREE to anyone who would like bodywork-intentioned and directed information to help them in their practice. See the subjects of completed papers here 

    We welcome you to access this content frequently and offer your “peer review” comments.




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    Television appearance and interview.

    WTOL, Toledo Channel 11, on the “Your Day at 9” show, Jonathan talked about PetMassage for Dogs Day, demonstrating on Lola and discussing PetMassage for dogs. Please tune in.






    My insightful interview with “Work from Your Happy Place” host Belinda Ellsworth is available NOW! I talk with Belinda about my inspiration to create PetMassage, my passion for teaching and sharing what I’ve learned, and hopefully inspire you to follow your bliss, too.

    Visit iTunes and search Happy Place to find the podcast or visit and listen there. We’re so excited to be a part of the Happy Place community, so check out our episode, and find more shows from the inspirational business coach, Belinda Ellsworth. 

    Jonathan Rudinger


    10409723_10152892716437748_1351595689856036727_nInterview with Dr. Karen Becker/ “Healthy Pets Newsletter”

    Jonathan is often interviewed for his perspective as one of the pioneers and leaders of the canine massage industry.

    Recently, he was a featured guest of Dr. Karen Becker’s – Dr. Mercola’s – Healthy Pets Newsletter, See the video and read the August 2014 Healthy Pets Newsletter: Remove Disease from Your Pet’s Body Using Only Your Hands.  Here’s your link to Jonathan’s Skype and written interview.


    Accrediting Bodies for the PetMassageTM Training and Research Institute


    National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as continuing education provider #285813-00National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage (NBCAAM)file-page1-150x150