Dogs and their people are happier and healthier with PetMassage

Learn to massage your dog with PetMassage™ books and DVDs. PetMassage™ helps young dogs develop and stay healthy, senior dogs stay vital,  flexible, and playful, and all dogs become more healthy and balanced.

Create your dog massage business. Help more dogs and their people. Follow your bliss as an occupation. PetMassage™ Hands-on workshop . and home study courses.

Own and operate your own PetMassage™ Franchise. Guide other dog lovers to learn PetMassage™ who will help their own dogs and create more dog massage businesses.

“Learn Hands-On Skills In Our On-Site Workshops”

Foundation  and Foundation Refresher 

Introduction and Primary Training. Learn the basic concepts, skills and knowledge set of PetMassage™, the PetMassage dog handling skills used in sessions, correct body mechanics so you can practice safely, easily and for a long time. Small classes with abundant informal individualized instruction with PetMassage founder, Jonathan Rudinger.

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Advanced Level

Enhance and expand your PetMassage™ practice to be more comprehensive and effective. This workshop is a great balance of Right and Left brain activity. It includes in-depth energy work training, medical terminology, more advanced canine anatomy for the canine massage practitioner, kinesiology, gait and body mechanics, canine pathologies you will encounter in your practice, and exercises in business development and marketing.

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PetMassage™ WaterWork™ (Canine Aquatic Massage) is powerfully effective in canine rehabilitation, athletic dog conditioning, weight loss programs, and hospice care. Learn to apply a completely different set of PetMassage™ skills, concepts, body mechanics, and therapeutic options when you work with dogs in heated pools. There are no prerequisites for this workshop

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What Our Students Have To Say

These are just a few of the many kind words students have shared with us about their experience with our Workshops and the Team of PetMassage™ Training and Research Institute. You can see a full list on our Testimonials page.

I learned how to enter and establish leadership. WOW! The amount of confidence that was re-established in myself was amazing.

United States

This workshop will make me a better human massage therapist, veterinary professional and human being.

United States

I researched several animal massage schools before attending PetMassage™ Training and Research Institute. I felt PetMassage™ would best meet my needs. After attending PetMassage™ I felt it had met my needs and greatly exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Jonathan and Anastasia.

United States

Some of the dogs I groom are nervous. I’ve always wished there were something I could do to calm them.   Now that I’ve learned PetMassage™, well, I just want to thank you a lot.

United States

I always enjoy hands-on experience.  The evidence of the pendulum confirms for me, the power of energy fields around dogs. If there is something called an open minded skeptic that was me prior to the course.Now I’m all in. Off bodywork is real and beneficial… and I can, with the help of a dog, do it!!!  Anyone who wants to differentiate their practice from their competition needs this course.

United States

Monica walked in the room, very level headed, a strong leader, but with a softness, kindness about her, too. She showed us how to be leaders to keep dogs safe and happy; dogs are not effective leaders of people, we need to be effective leaders to our dogs. I loved that we were given the chance to lead a whole pack of dogs – how empowering! Thank you, Monica!

United States

I appreciated the open forum with the wealth of knowledge of Jonathan and Anastasia. I am so very grateful for your gift of presence for myself and all the dogs by sharing this knowledge. My intention is to honor this with my WaterWork™. Thank you for offering this course. Beyond my expectations.

Mary Jo
United States

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