PetMassage Aquatics for Dogs Workshop


Imagine yourself shoulder deep in a large heated pool, holding a dog. You guide the dog’s body in your arms in large, sweeping movements across the surface of the water. You watch the ripples on the surface. You feel how the water drags and drifts the dog’s coat and body. Imagine the therapeutic value that this dog is getting in water.

In your hands, the dog relaxes. As you move, integumentary (skin and coat) and musculoskeletal structures float into and away from each other. Restrictions from holding patterns release. Alternative and integrative neuromuscular systems engage.

PetMassage in heated water is a controlled session of facilitated movement, massage, and stretching. The warmth enhances cardio and respiration, and softens the tissues. For some movements the water provides resistance, and for others, it provides supporting inertia.

When dogs experience aquatic PetMassage, their bodies are joyful. Their experiences are relaxing, rejuvenating, rebalancing, reconditioning, resoundingly therapeutic and amazingly beneficial.

Canine Aquatic PetMassage takes the facilitating practitioner’s experience to a whole new level of appreciation, validation, and happiness. It’s not just a job. It’s a positive and healthy way of helping dogs and making a living!

Become certified as a Canine Aquatic PetMassage Practitioner. PetMassage, a pioneer in teaching canine massage workshops, has trained, qualified, and certified Canine Aquatic PetMassage Practitioners for more than 20 years. 

With the training provided in this program, you will gain the skills, confidence and experience to create a career providing professional canine aquatic massage in your own heated swimming pool.

These are your clients for PetMassage Aquatics :

  • Injured dogs, working with owners and veterinarians
  • Canine athletes, working with trainers and owners for body toning and wellness maintenance
  • Older and hospice dogs, as a general cardio program
  • Partially paralyzed dogs, for maintaining strength, spirit, and support
  • Overweight dogs
  • Grieving and traumatized dogs, providing soothing emotional relaxing sessions
  • Happy playful dogs, that need exercise and the strenuous play experience

Program Description

The PetMassage Aquatics for Dogs Workshop is designed to give you the fundamental set of skills and understanding to get you comfortable and working safely and effectively with dogs in warm water.

You will learn the theory, vocabulary, and skills to apply PetMassage techniques with dogs in a heated swimming pool.

This program includes a 5-day hands-on workshop, 2 Home study modules, and post workshop requirements.

The on-site hands-on workshop is held Thursdays-Mondays, 9 AM to 4 PM,  at the PetMassage Training and Research Institute, Toledo, Ohio USA.

The Home Study Course included in the Canine Aquatic PetMassage Program

Post workshop requirements include

  • Take home test (completed in class)
  • Case study documentations
  • 2 videos of Canine Aquatic PetMassage
  • Brief Research Paper on a topic assigned in class

Course content 

  • Skills and applications
  • Session elements, sequences and protocols
  • Assessment skills and methods
  • Platform work: incorporating dry PetMassage skills and techniques
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Body mechanics
  • Safety
  • Basic canine anatomy as it applies to your Canine Aquatic PetMassage practice
  • Pools and their mechanics
  • Legal / ethical practice
  • Marketing
  • Experiencing the joy of working with dogs and fellow colleagues in and with the water.

Objectives / Goals

  • Develop understanding of the theory, vocabulary & skills of applied Canine Aquatic Massage techniques.
  • Learn techniques to safely and effectively massage a wide variety of dog breeds in a heated pool.
  • Learn to use Canine Aquatic PetMassage skills to access alternative neurologically plastic pathways to promote muscle use in movement restricted dogs.
  • Learn to observe gait before and after Canine Aquatic PetMassage sessions.
  • Learn to use Canine Aquatic PetMassage skills to enhance canine flexibility, muscle tone, strength, proprioception, and physical endurance.
  • Use Canine Aquatic PetMassage to increase weight loss.

Materials Included

  • Dog Handling in Canine Massage video download 
  • Basic Dog Anatomy Home Study Course 
  • Canine Aquatic PetMassage Manual (provided on site)

Workshop Class Size Limit

5 Students

Waiting List

If you see that the program you would like to attend is full, we encourage you to add your name to its waiting list. A spot may open for you.  Someone who is registered for that workshop may need to switch to another month.

Please call Beth at 800-779-1001 to register with your 1st and 2nd choices for workshop dates.


  • Desire to create a canine aquatic massage business
  • Comfort in water
  • Comfort with dogs
  • Desire to help dogs enhance their quality of life

Before Workshop Info

During Workshop Info


  • PetMassage Training and Research Institute 
    2950 Douglas Road
    Toledo, Ohio 43606 USA
    Emergency phone 419-475-3539

What to wear:

  • When you attend the program please bring the following:
  • Denim Jacket & below knee Pants OR Sturdy Wet Suit – These are worn in the water to protect your neck, arms, torso, and legs and are required for all in pool activities. You will not be allowed in the pool without wearing protective apparel. This is for your own safety. 
  • 2 Bathing Suits (2 piece recommended)
  • Bathing Cap (Optional)
  • Aqua shoes (Optional)
  • Oversized Hooded Zippered Sweatshirt – for when you are not in the water

Re: Dogs:

All training is done with live dogs   Everyone gets to experience a wide variety of dogs’ sizes, breeds, ages and personalities.

What to expect:

Class sizes are small. You will have abundant opportunities to get individual hands-on instruction with Jonathan Rudinger, the founder of PetMassage Training and Research Institute and the creator of the Canine Aquatic PetMassage.

Building Amenities:  

Kitchen, break room, free parking, WiFi, next door to groomer, emergency vet across the street, close to hotels, restaurants, and metro parks.

Completion Requirements

You have six months from the last day of your Canine Aquatic PetMassage program to complete all the following:

  • Take-home written exam
  • Home-study Basic Dog Anatomy
  • Documented practice sessions
  • Video recordings
  • Brief research paper

Certificates of Completion Earned?

  • Yes

Two Certificates of Course Completion are awarded for this program

PetMassage Aquatic Certificate of Course Completion

Basic Anatomy of the Dog, Home Study

The graduate is 


This Course is Accredited by the


Continuing Education

Credits (CECs) / Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Available for

Nationally Certified Animal Massage Practitioners, and Massage Therapists (MTs)

Number of CECs / CEUs Earned:




Options to Pay:

  • Register for this workshop payment in full.
  • Register for this workshop with a 50% deposit today, with the remainder due the week before the first day of class.
  • Register with a deposit and create a convenient monthly payment plan.


We recognize your training and thank you for the services you offer people, pets and our country. Do you qualify for a 10% discount?

  • PetMassage Program Graduates 10%
  • Veterinarians 10%
  • Vet techs 10%
  • Physical Therapists 10%
  • Physical Therapy Assistants 10%
  • Hydrotherapists 10%
  • Water aerobics / swim instructors 10%
  • Life guards 10%
  • Nurses 10%
  • Massage Therapists 10%
  • Veteran and Active Military 10%
  • Claim your IAAMB/ACWT Member 10%

Note: Hands-on, on-site workshops are being added as classes fill, so if you are not seeing dates that are convenient for you, call us at 1-419-475-3539. 

  • Discounts may not be combined.

Have questions or concerns?

The PetMassage knowledgeable staff will provide assistance with workshop support, including suggestions for travel and accommodations.

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