PetMassage for Kids after-school and camp programs



Educator Guide to the PetMassage for Kids Programs, for Grades 2-7, After School and Summer Camp

The PetMassage for Kids Educator Program is perfect for after school, summer camp and scout activities. This is a natural combination of kids and dogs.

As educators and adults, we understand the value of touch and know how therapeutic a massage can be. We also understand the powerful connections children have with their dogs at home. This course teaches kids the values of compassionate touch using the children’s stuffed dogs and teacher’s stuffed dog for practice. Working with stuffed dogs, rather than their live pets, makes for a very safe, fun, and liability-free environment.

The PetMassage for Kids Educator Program teaches children the basic hands-on skills of canine massage and principles of dog handling safety. They learn the basic handling, touching, holding, stroking, and other PetMassage techniques with their stuffed dogs. Confidence and important psycho-social skills develop naturally, including:

  • body language awareness
  • control
  • patience
  • respect
  • and empathy

Learning and practicing PetMassage is more that just petting dogs! PetMassage for Kids Educator Program has exercises for children to become consciously aware of their senses, to observe and respect another’s space, to become aware of how their actions can affect others, and, of course, how to optimize the power of gentleness and touch sensitivity. Kids discover that their body language, facial expressions and even their thoughts can have powerful effects on others, especially their sensitive dogs.

The Teacher’s Guide for the PetMassage for Kids Educator Program includes texts and curriculum: The texts include

  1. PetMassage: A Kid’s Guide to Massaging Dogs [DVD]
  2. Dogs Kids PetMassage / Dog Massage for Kids [Book]
  3. PetMassage Doggie Songs for Kids [CD]
  4. The curricula: PetMassage 5-Day – 3 Hour Summer Camp Program Curriculum & PetMassage 10-Week – 1 Hour After School Program Curriculum

The Teacher’s Guide includes both curricula, and one 3-part set of book, DVD and Audio CD. The cost is $220 -$49.99.

We encourage you to suggest for review at their home, with their dog(s) that all students purchase their own 3-part sets of texts, for review and to share with their families. The PetMassage for Kids three-part set of study materials retails for $47.85 and can be purchased in bulk, at discount, so that you can resell it.

PetMassage for Kids is based on tested and validated skills and teaching methods developed over nineteen years of teaching more than three hundred week-long professional level canine massage workshops for adults. Educators will find our teaching guides enjoyable and easy to follow. Your kids will love the classes, too!

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