PetMassage Student Testimonials


PetMassage Foundation Level Program


I’m very happy with everything I learned in this workshop.


I loved how this workshop created an awareness on such a spiritual and energetic level. I feel like this course will change the way that I approach bodywork with humans. I plan on approaching this work with people and animals in a much more spiritual and energetic way. Thank you so much for everything you both have done! The awareness and new levels of understanding I have about animals and relationships with them, has increased more than I ever imagined! This was truly an experience of a lifetime. Thank you!

United States

I researched several animal massage schools before attending PetMassage™ Training and Research Institute. I felt PetMassage™ would best meet my needs. After attending PetMassage™ I felt it had met my needs and greatly exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Jonathan and Anastasia.

United States

Just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for one of the most wonderful weeks I’ve had in a long, long time. Not only did I learn a ton, but I feel PetMassage™ is one of my truths. It’s a path I will follow. Your approach to massage for dogs is insightful, intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, yet very powerful… and all with a light, loving touch. You have truly touched my soul and opened up a path that I’m destined to follow. Thank you for making such a powerful difference in my life…and as a result a powerful difference to the many dogs that I will touch.
Love and Light

United States

As a teacher & computer trainer for twenty years, I’m pretty much a student with high expectations of an instructor. Jonathan knows his topics really well and he has a kind and gentle way of offering knowledge as fast as we can soak it up! Thank you for being a loving teacher to your students. I sure learned a lot and enjoyed every day.

United States

Dear Jonathan and Anastasia: I wanted to send you my heartfelt and spirit felt thanks for a wonderful, life changing workshop!! It has inspired me to a whole other level. I cannot thank you enough! I can only liken it to finding the missing piece in the “puzzle” that is my life, my purpose. I am looking forward to seeing you both in September, for the PetMassage™ Advanced Workshop.

New Jersey
United States

Thank you. You are a great teacher.

South Korea


PetMassage Foundation Level Refresher Workshop


Confident Dog Handling for PetMassage™ Practitioners Mini-Workshop (Included In Foundation Level Program)

I was guided how to be stronger, to use my body correctly and to demonstrate strength to my dog students. I definitely noticed shifts in my body carriage, posture and confidence.

United States

I never learned this training technique before. That was wonderful.


Monica walked in the room, very level headed, a strong leader, but with a softness, kindness about her, too. She showed us how to be leaders to keep dogs safe and happy; dogs are not effective leaders of people, we need to be effective leaders to our dogs. I loved that we were given the chance to lead a whole pack of dogs – how empowering! Thank you, Monica!

United States

I have absolutely learned that I will be inviting a bite if I continue leaning over excited dogs I don’t know. I was surprised I could own space even outside. A non-compliant dog wouldn’t follow me, and Monica said, become a leader “turn around, look at the fence, walk! No more problem.

United States

This course has professionalism, and effective and immediate feedback on the learned/practiced contents. I really appreciated Monica as a person and as a professional. Her way to teach is extremely clear and allows to picture exactly the situation. Would definitely like to be in touch and cooperate with Monica again and find this part of the workshop fundamental for the good outcome of the rest.


I was really looking forward to meeting Monica in this class and I was not disappointed in Monica or the dogs we worked with. Really happy this course is part of the curriculum.

North Carolina
United States



PetMassage Advanced Level Program

I have never been so exhilarated and happy as I was during this workshop. I know I am on my chosen path and ready to fulfill my life’s purpose.

United States

Loved it! This course took my massage to a whole new level. It was so much more than I expected.

United States

I came here with doubts, but you really changed my mind. I actually understand how emotion and energy can effect so many things now. Thank you.

United States

I appreciated new insights on energy work and PetMassage™ . Also, the course was good for helping students understand requirements for the national certification test preparation.

United States

I enjoyed the work on the meridians. Thank you for your patience and kindness. Big kiss.


What I liked best about this workshop was the discussion format. It really facilitated training that was tailored to our needs. The text is excellent and I’m glad that we didn’t follow in a linear progression, but let wander where we needed to take it. I feel as though I really deepened my knowledge and confidence. Thank you for the wonderful MasterMind exercise. I love all of you and my peers in class.

United States

I enjoyed the energy work and chakra integration into the PetMassage™ work. I felt at home, like I came home to where I am meant to be. I will own this as my next career!

New York
United States


Canine Aquatic PetMassage Program

My classmates were fabulous. I felt support from each of them even though they had different personalities.

United States

I appreciated the open forum with the wealth of knowledge of Jonathan and Anastasia. I am so very grateful for your gift of presence for myself and all the dogs by sharing this knowledge. My intention is to honor this with my WaterWork. Thank you for offering this course. Beyond my expectations.

Mary Jo
United States

I enjoyed PetMassage WaterWork with dogs, the Tai Chi style of working and Jonathan’s uniqueness! I loved the class, energy and family feel!

United States

Thank you! A week of Zen and getting closer to my own “soul” giving me more to give to my clients.

United States

Darkness is gone – reached the emerald city with my new found friend! I am so full of love, trust, acceptance, and mostly peace that I can do this myself. Thank you Jonathan and Anastasia for my badge of courage! Life is beautiful over the rainbow.

United States

Awesome training! What an experience! It has given me more ideas to bring back to Canada.



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