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Aquatic massage – People Float 40 min

Aquatic massage is an especially appropriate therapy for someone who is processing physical and/or emotional loss, change, stress, and/or anxiety.

Aquatic massage incorporates the structural musculoskeletal alignment of Assistive Range of Motion, MFR, Myo-Fascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, and stimulation of TCM Chi to enhance energy flow. 

The clear, clean, 95˚ water is so comfortable, it becomes an extension of your body. As you are moved across the surface, its gentle resistance pulls and pushes your body into a series of novel positions, that immediately return to your normal posture, your habitual way of holding your body. It’s like a guitar string; it plays its note, returns to stillness yet retains the memory of the sound.

Your body is held and moved in patterns that are similar to seaweed drifting with the water’s currents. You experience weightless buoyancy. Muscles and joints soften, releasing tensions and retained muscle memories. 

The effects are difficult to describe. The experience is non-verbal, often pre-verbal.  While the experiences are different for everyone, some common effects are an initial sense of mild disorientation, followed by happiness, and euphoria. 

Aquatic Massage for People a variation of Watsu Waterdance is offered on Sundays. 

Dry People Massage 50 min

Jonathan’s massage is quiet, gentle, and powerfully nurturing.

You will get tremendous benefits from a full body massage/energy balancing as well. Jonathan is an RN, LMT practicing since 1997. His approach to massage has evolved and gentled from studying and practicing Orthobionomy, MFR myofascial release, Swedish massage, Tai Chi, Healing Touch, Reiki, Watsu Water Dance, and MDMA (Multidimensional Movement Arts).

Massage is more than physical manipulation of the body. It is a form of communication, a conversation, that happens in the subconscious, non-verbal realms. Jonathan’s touch and presence provide a safe place to allow thoughts, feelings, and unresolved life episodes to surface, be acknowledged, embraced, and released.

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