Private Session Testimonials

PetMassage Aquatics 

  • Everyone at Pet Massage was very knowledgeable about the needs of our Pointer who had incontinence. The aquatic massage therapy worked wonders. Our dog is all around healthier in every way!! S. Hale
  • John and his team are the absolute best people. My wife and I cannot express how wonderful this establishment is. Our Aussie loved his weekly sessions and we recommend John to every dog owner we know in the Toledo area and beyond. We’re so lucky to have Aquatic Pet Massage in Toledo! Much love from Madison Wisconsin. Can’t wait to bring Jordy back this autumn. 💗💗💗 N. Felstein
  • So glad I found this place, it has helped my dog Rocky (a tripad) so much I can’t thank Jonathan enough. Also Brooklyn , Rocky is so at ease and relaxed with her. Recommend this place to everyone and their furbabies. Tracy
  • My Frank is so relaxed now after his first time He will continue coming back for more. S. Solhtalab
  • PetMassage changed my dogs life! I have a 6 year old pitbull who has an old injury to one of his hind legs. The vet was concerned for a possible ligament injury and recommended medication that would help with the pain, but in turn sedate him so he wouldn’t be as active. They said surgery wasn’t an option just yet. My
    Pup would often use the injured leg as little as possible, even at times having difficulty making it up the stairs or jumping onto his favorite place, the couch. After research, i found pet massage. After the first session I noticed improvement in his ability to walk. He started to use the injured leg more often than not. After the second session, he is walking and running normally! Like nothing ever happened! He climbs up stairs with ease, jumps onto the couch, and plays like he is a puppy. So thankful to have stumbled upon pet massage, it really does work!!  E. Farren
  • My dog was there to be a student for the water massage class and he loved it. The place is safe and clean. All the people working with him were friendly and patient with my dog. Looking forward to going back!! R Mabus

Aquatic Massage – People Float

  • I would describe aquatic bodywork or floatation as very concentrated therapy. I’ve been in traditional talk therapy with a psychiatrist for the past 30 years (age 16 to 46, I’m a walking longitudinal study). While talk therapy helped me a lot, I have seen much, much faster progress in the pool than on the couch. I feel calm, at peace, and the change in the quality of my relationships is like night and day. I’m able to learn about myself, release, and heal in a way that is so natural and free of resistance. Perhaps that’s because this modality involves the physical body, not just the mind and emotions. I didn’t realize how much tension and trauma my body held on to, until I felt an unreal amount of it ooze out of me. I’d recommend floatation to anyone. At the very least, you can relax in warm water for an hour. But I suspect, most folks will get more from the experience than just unwinding or satisfying their curiosity about a remarkable new healing modality. Try it. -H.K. Sylvania OH


  • I cannot thank you enough for Angel’s transition massage.  You took a moment that was so sudden and tragic, and made it- dare i say-  peaceful. This book is also a gift to any pet lover.    It’s never easy to let go of a friend, but I can’t tell you how much this helped.  We are blessed to know you!
    S Kubiak