Private Session Testimonials

Aquatic Massage – People Float

I would describe aquatic bodywork or floatation as very concentrated therapy. I’ve been in traditional talk therapy with a psychiatrist for the past 30 years (age 16 to 46, I’m a walking longitudinal study). While talk therapy helped me a lot, I have seen much, much faster progress in the pool than on the couch. I feel calm, at peace, and the change in the quality of my relationships is like night and day. I’m able to learn about myself, release, and heal in a way that is so natural and free of resistance. Perhaps that’s because this modality involves the physical body, not just the mind and emotions. I didn’t realize how much tension and trauma my body held on to, until I felt an unreal amount of it ooze out of me. I’d recommend floatation to anyone. At the very least, you can relax in warm water for an hour. But I suspect, most folks will get more from the experience than just unwinding or satisfying their curiosity about a remarkable new healing modality. Try it. -H.K. Sylvania OH


I cannot thank you enough for Angel’s transition massage.  You took a moment that was so sudden and tragic, and made it- dare i say-  peaceful. This book is also a gift to any pet lover.    It’s never easy to let go of a friend, but I can’t tell you how much this helped.  We are blessed to know you!
S Kubiak