Massage brings dogs more comfort to their minds and body’s.

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The goal of PetMassage Aquatics is to assist each dog to their own version of bliss.

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Appreciation: Each of us has our own interpretation of boundaries. Each of us has our own concept of intimacy.

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Practitioners Aquatic PetMassage assist dogs to be more comfortable.

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Nothing unreasonable or unexpected is asked of one another. It is pure.

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During each canine massage the love we express and share is eagerly reciprocated.

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With canine massage they’ll rediscover the sacred puppies that they are.

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Canine urinary incontinence

By Jonathan Rudinger | April 29, 2024 |

Canine urinary incontinence

Aquatic PetMassage just discovered a novel treatment for some dogs’ urinary incontinence. It’s a breakthrough! It will save dogs lives!

This is a recent testimonial in the form of a Google review:
Everyone at PetMassage was very knowledgeable about the needs for our pointer who had incontinence.
The aquatic massage therapy worked wonders. Our dog is all around healthier in every way. -S. Hale

Urinary incontinence more commonly occurs in older canines and mostly affects female dogs. Incontinence is a problem that affects more than just the dog’s quality of life.

When your dog loses their voluntary control over urination it engages everyone in the family. You cover her behind with pads and diapers and follow her around with cleansers and paper towels. Everyone is continuously on the lookout for accidents. Hyper-focused on the dog and her surroundings. You are perpetually vigilant. Your dog is stressed by your omnipresence and your concern. She becomes anxious and alarmed because she smells and empathically responds to your emotions; your annoyance, and frustration. The whole family unit is in a state of agitation. Neither you nor your dog can find the comfort of peace and solace.

It’s unpleasant. It’s embarrassing. It’s extra work and another thing about your dog and your life to worry about.

There are new forms of (expensive) stem cell treatments that appear to work and medicinal solutions often create behaviors that we’ve been told, make matters worse.

Caregivers can get overwhelmed. Exasperated and disheartened. And regrettably it’s often that the reason older dogs (mostly female) are placed in shelters. They aren’t sick enough to euthanize but … someone else can care for them.

Urethral incompetence occurs when the muscles and tissues of the urethra weaken and fail to function properly.

We approached “incontinence” from the perspective of massage and bodywork. Her condition was a dysfunctional muscle group so we created exercises to strengthen her pelvic floor. There is an intuitive trait/behavior in animals that we were able to harness. Animals are smart enough to not urinate where they eat or drink. Dogs do not urinate in the pool water. People do, but dogs don’t.

We combined massage with the mild resistance of pulling and pushing against water (in-hand controlled swimming). While her external muscles strengthened with water exercise and massage, she was instinctively tightening -and toning- her urethral sphincter. The good news is with 5 weekly sessions her leaking issue resolved!

Incontinence does not have to be a chronic condition for your pets. Incontinence does not have to be the reason to tear a family apart. Incontinence does not have to be the reason for a death sentence.

Aquatic PetMassage helps dogs and cats regain control with holistic massage and bodywork. There is hope. Call us.

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When we listen to ourselves listening; observe ourselves feeling, we can venture forward, as one, together.

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Like an eclipse, the shade beneath my hand creates a noticeable difference in temperature. It’ll be a couple of degrees of immediate shift.

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